Everlast® Epoxy's recommended tool list

12x3 Spreading Trowel

This trowel is optional, and it can be used instead of a 4” trowel for spreading the floor prior to finishing it. Do not use a 3” trowel to finish the floor.

16x4 Finishing Trowel

This is also available sometimes at The Home Depot or Lowes - Just be sure to get the Marshalltown Ultralite finishing trowel

Gauge Trowel

You can also purchase this from Lowes or Home Depot. It is found in the Concrete section or the Roofing section - often gauge trowels are the only tools in their roofing section. For best results, click the link above to buy this premier marshalltown one or shop around for the most flexible one (there may be 2 brands or more at the same hardware store), often the gauge trowels found at the hardware store are too stiff.

HoverTrowel Power Trowel

This saves lots of time troweling, this also makes it easier to create better looking floor. Be sure to request the HoverTrowel specially designed for Everlast® Floor.

Dinner Spoon

(usually not at hardware stores) This is handy for cove base corners and other hard to reach areas.

Leaning Tool

Used to "lean into" your finished floor to reach further in.

Glaze Squeegee

This are for spreading the glaze.

Spiked Shoes

Spiked shoes to use when glazing. (optional) Otherwise, have a pair of white soled shoes on hand to use when glazing. Black soles, once wet with resins, will leave unsightly black marks on the floor. These are sometimes also available from Sherwin Williams.

Knee Pads or Knee Board

Knee pads or knee board - while recommended, which kind is user preference. There are many types and everyone likes different kinds. A knee board like this is available at Lowes. If you are new to flooring, we recommend the knee board. If you want knee pads, we recommending trying on a few at the hardware store before purchasing to determine which one "feels best" to you.

Kneeling Sitting Creeper

A Fully Adjustable Comfort Seat And Chest Support - this is helpful if you plan to do many cove case jobs. We do not think this will work for the floor, but may be great for the cove.

A Healthier Alternative to Knee Pads - These Are What David Used

ProKnee's® patented shin support system is key to taking pain and stress off knee joints by spreading weight across the length of the kneepads.

Rub Rock

Available at most hardware stores in the concrete tools section  finish the floor.

Rub Rock - Large

Possibly only available online

5-Gallon Pails Black Blue Green Light Blue Orange Red White Yellow

We recommend getting either white 5-gallon pails or a color of pail that will match your floor, because sometimes your mixing drill will scrape off plastic from inside the pail and those little scrapings will get inside your floor mix. A trick is to order online in advance and choose to pick them up at your local Home Depot to avoid paying the shipping charges. You will need to either replace or clean your pail after each 5 kits or before each break. (You can clean your pails with Denatured Alcohol or Xylene and a rag).


Terry Towels work best for cleaning tools


We recommend Denatured Alcohol or Xylene for cleaning tools, and we recommend Xylene for thinning plywood primer

5 Quart Measuring Container

Use this for all part A resins

2.5 Quart Measuring Container

Use this for all part B resins / Be sure there is a mark for 28 oz

Power Mixer Replacement Paddle

Paddle for Your Mud Mixing Drill

Get one of these if you already have a mud mixing drill. Note: if you get a paddle elsewhere, be sure to get one with a hex head.

Batch Mixer

This is a time and back saver for contractors. You will still need to use a power mixer (above) for cove base as these batch mixers, while awesome for mixing Everlast® Floor, do not blend Everlast® Cove very well.

Mixing Bit

fits any drill. This is to preblend the resins before blending them with the stone, and to blend the primer (when primer is necessary) and to blend the topcoat.


Blue painter's masking tape for walls (above the cove base) and duct tape for drains and floor transitions

Dust Mask

For sweeping, and for use when working with cove base additive

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Nitrile Gloves for blending resins. Throw away after each use. These are intermittent use, all day use of unlined disposable gloves can blister your hands. Also extended use of disposable gloves is not recommended as they can puncture easily.

Troweling Gloves from amazon or factory direct

PVC or Neoprene or Nitrile Gloves. The two important things are 1. They are impermeable (coated on top of hand also) and 2. there is some sort of cloth protection on the inside otherwise your hands can blister from extended use.

Chemical Splash Goggles

For use when pouring and mixing resins

3” or 4” Rollers

For use when priming and glazing cove base. Note: These are one-time use, as epoxy cures hard, so wrapping in plastic as you would regular paint will not keep it wet.

9” Roller Frames

Clean with Denatured Alcohol or Xylene after each use, or it will not spin base additive

Roller Covers

1/4” 9” roller covers. Get good, shed-free covers. Note: These are one-time use, as epoxy cures hard, so wrapping in plastic as you would regular paint will not keep it wet. Do not use mohair pads as they can leave track lines in the floor due to not having enough pad to absorb resin, these pads act like a squeegee and scrape the floor instead of evenly distributing the resin. Get 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch pads. Here are our favorite ones, available at Amazon

Roller Pan and Liners

While you can clean the roller pan out between each use, most contractors find it is easier to just use and throw away the liners.

Fiberglass Anti Fracture Mesh Tape

Nova-Fiber 6 inch X 75 Foot Roll (15cm X 23m) Reinforcing and Anti Fracture Mesh Tape for Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

We recommend using a Diamabrush to prepare concrete, Vinyl Tile (VCT), Quarry / Ceramic Tile, and to remove adhesives

If attempting to remove asbestos, there are health and legal concerns whenever dealing with asbestos, which we are not qualified to advise on, so we recommend that you consult your local envirnomental health authorities.

Diamabrush Coating and Removal Tools

Diamabrush Hand Tools for Pros - The Home Depot

Video: Diamabrush Removal Tool Training

Video: Diamabrush Hand Tools

    Diamabrush tools are also available for sale at Amazon. Here are some links to get you started.

4.5" Hand Grinder Set from Amazon

    Diamabrush 4.5” Removal                 Tool

    Diamabrush 4.5” Dust             Shroud

7" Hand Grinder Set from Amazon

    Diamabrush 7” Removal                 Tool

     Diamabrush 7” Dust             Shroud

Diamabrush Floor Preparation Tools

Before buying replacement blades for Diamabrush the Concrete Prep Plus Tool recommend first making sure that either a new head or the larger set
of replacment isn't cheaper - as the prices fluctuate.

Check for any moisture problems with the concrete or tile. New concrete must cure for at least 28 days at 70°F (21°C), and have been free from water
for at least 7 days. Tile or Concrete hydrostatic, capillary or moisture pressure must be no greater than 3.0 lbs./ 1000 sf / 24 hours.

Calcium Chloride Moisture Content Test

Calcium chloride tests should be conducted to determine if the concrete is sufficiently dry for the installation
of  Everlast® Floor. The calcium chloride tests should be conducted in accordance with the latest edition of ASTM F 1869, Standard Test Method for Measuring Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride. When running a calcium chloride test, it is important to remove any grease, oil, curing agents, etc. so accurate readings can be obtained. Concrete hydrostatic, capillary or moisture pressure must be no greater than 3.0 lbs./1000 sf/24 hours.

Gram Scale
Use for weighing the calcium chloride test kits before and after the test.

Our tool list wouldn't be complete without our recommended vacuums. No flooring professional should be without a good vacuum.

Cyclone Pre-Separator

The Cyclone Pre-Separator is a low-cost way to turn your shop-vac into an effective industrial dust collector. It separates 99% of the concrete dust before it reaches the shop-vac.

Ultra-Vac Low Profile HEPA Vacuum

The Ultra-Vac 950 is a powerful, compact vacuum. Its compact size makes it perfect for use on a swing stage and jobs that require going up and down stairs. One person can easily load this vacuum into any work or utility vehicle. This vacuum contains a single, 120V high efficiency turbine motor, 9.5 gallon dust bin, 25’ 2” hose, and one HEPA filter for maximum dust collection.

In some cases it is necessary to create cut joints to allow for movement in the concrete slab. While Everlast® Floor has more flexibility than other epoxy floors, it should not be used to bridge isolation joints or expansion joints. In most cases due to it's tough flexibility Everlast® Floor can successfully bridge control joints, sometimes though an epoxy crack suppressant membrane (available from Everlast® Epoxy) or a cut joint is needed.

Here are the tools and fillers we recommend to cut and fill joints.

    Everlast® Floor will turn yellow when exposed to UV rays. UV rays can penetrate windows and also can be emitted from some lighting sources (some     fluorescent lighting, for example). Here are some recommendations to help minimize the UV rays which will be in contact with the floor.