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Heavy Foot Traffic

When choosing a floor for a high traffic area, wear resistance is a very important consideration. Many resinous floors are diluted with fillers and/or solvents, and after some time a wear path will begin to form. Most flooring cannot take the abuse of constant traffic coupled with harsh elements.

Flooring Problems

Daily foot traffic eats at the substance of most flooring, which is why "wear patterns" are visible. Most flooring can’t handle constant repeated traffic. It will crack, break, loose its protective coating and its surface.

As it continues to break down, it becomes more and more unsanitary. The cracks and gaps get filled with accumulated dirt, grime, and bacteria. Now your subflooring is vulnerable to deterioration from bacteria, and insect infestation. Never mind the liquid that’s seeping through. You can already imagine the mess and the cost!

Speaking of cost, consider the liability of having a damaged floor. All you need is for the health department to breath down your neck – typically they always choose the least opportune time. Now you’re stuck replacing a floor in the middle of your busy season.


Flooring Solutions

Everlast Floor is a monolithic, custom-formulated, troweled-on system that forms a physical bond between the material and the surface it is being applied and vulcanizes them together. The compound made is so tightly bonded together that corrosive materials cannot penetrate to begin the deterioration process. It is not adhered to the floor, rather it is the adhesive.

Under stress conditions, the concrete will break before its bond. It is impervious to moisture. There are no joints or seams for water penetration. When used complete with our cove base, this also protects the interior of the walls as it forms a watertight bond Because the durability and abrasion resistance far surpasses that of dense concrete, your Everlast Floor will maintain its original beauty for years to come.

Tough AND Beautiful!

It’s easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to install, and its beauty isn’t just skin deep. You might think that being such a tough guy, our floors might only come in boring, dull colors. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Check out our wide variety of bright and attractive colors that will compliment your decor and create a sparkling clean environment.