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Everlast® Floor is an excellent choice for a commercial restaurant kitchen with ovens, grills, and fryers, because it can absorb high temperatures. For a resinous floor to perform in high heat conditions, it must absorb and transfer the heat. Everlast® Floor is a thick, troweled on coating and can repeatedly withstand temperatures up to 158° Fahrenheit.

Many epoxy floors are applied by first painting the concrete, then broadcasting quartz sand into the resin. After the epoxy paint cures it is painted again. This flooring resembles a cake in that there is not enough resin in the middle, only a thin layer on top. Hot grease and oil will then soften and penetrate this layer causing a "pitting" effect. Because Everlast® Floor has solid resin all the way through, grease and oil will only lay on the surface and won't penetrate your floor.

Withstands Low Temperatures
Everlast® Floor is an excellent choice for freezers and coolers. Cold temperatures have no effect on its durability. Everlast® Floor maintains its antimicrobial
properties even in freezing temperatures.