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Epoxy Flooring for Pet Care Facilities
Are you searching for a durable floor that will provide a healthy environment for your furry guests? You can stop looking, because we have the perfect solution!

Your new Everlast® Floor will be seamless and easy to clean. It’s easy to install for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, or contractors. We provide easy to follow instructions. Or, if you prefer, we have a network of certified installers across the continental USA!

Everlast Epoxy Flooring can be applied down into the troughs and up the walls to form a cove base to create a waterproof surface with no seams or cracks for dirt or germs to hide.

Your floors will have excellent chemical resistance against urine, strong detergents, and disinfectants. Everlast Epoxy Flooring is made with an EPA registered Anti-Microbial additive to restrict the growth of microorganisms. And you'll have the added benefit of reduced odor that’s associated with bacterial degradation.

Sanitary and Antimicrobial
Everlast Epoxy Flooring is made with an EPA registered antimicrobial additive to restrict the growth of microorganisms. Other flooring typically uses an antimicrobial layer on the top, which can easily be breeched by harsh detergents, and chemicals.

Our antimicrobial additive is integral to our epoxy system; therefore, our protection exists throughout our product—from top to bottom and everywhere in-between! This impedes the growth of microorganisms, and provides long term protection from a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeast, actinomycetes, and mildew.

Our epoxy surface is pourable and trowelable, and is made with some of the most expensive resins available today.

Our flooring is also non-porous, and will be unaffected by any discharge of bodily fluids. This makes it an excellent choice for pet care facilities, such as animal boarding or veterinary practices.

Slip Resistant
Our flooring is textured from the marble chips we use. It has a coarse, pebbled, ribbed, but non-abrasive surface. In areas which will not be constantly wet, no additional grit is needed, as your floor will have non-slip properties from the natural texture of the stone.

If you have an area that will routinely get wet, such as a pet bathing area, we can supplement the existing texture with our non-slip additive. This is put in with the glaze coat to give the floor a sandpaper-like finish, and gives excellent slip and fall protection, even under wet conditions.

Easy to Clean
Mop the floor using detergent and water. Dirt and grime are easily removed because the floor is non-porous. In areas where the floor is exposed to chemicals we recommend washing your floors with a deck brush and rinsing off the wash water thoroughly on a daily (or nightly) basis. Everlast Floor can also be pressure washed if necessary.

Everlast Floor's resin-rich formula allows the floor to seep into the concrete or wood substrate while curing, so it becomes part of the sub-floor. Your Everlast Epoxy floor will not crack and peel apart like epoxy floor paints and / or quartz broadcast floors commonly do.

Other epoxy flooring is hard and brittle, but ours is strong, tough, and flexible. Most epoxy flooring is short on resins, and long on aggregate. More aggregate and less resin equals a weaker floor and a higher profit for the flooring contractor.

That type of flooring is approximately 60 mils thick. Everlast Epoxy Flooring is long on high quality resins and uses the correct amount of aggregate, resulting in a superior surface that is 160 mils thick.

Our strong, but flexible flooring will hold up to heavy foot traffic with no problem, and it won’t show wear patterns like other flooring.

Everlast Epoxy Flooring is quality—through and through.

Attractive Flooring
It’s important to make a positive impression on your human customers, not just your animal ones. With Everlast Epoxy Flooring, you’ll be able to complement any décor. We have a wide variety of bright and attractive colors that will create a welcome environment for your customers and their furry or feathered friends!

Our seamless flooring has no crevasses or cracks for dirt and bacteria to hide. Your floors will always be clean, bright and sanitary, with minimal cleaning time. Best of all, with proper maintenance, your Everlast Epoxy Flooring will look new for years to come!

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