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We manufacture a proprietary Epoxy Flooring using a blend of organic epoxy resins, marble chips and other aggregates we purchase direct from mines that are right here in the USA.

We can offer our Everlast® Floor as a turn-key installed floor through our network of dealers, or we also offer ready-made flooring kits to epoxy flooring contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Our technical team is on hand to answer any questions that our customers may have come up during the installation process.

From get-go, Everlast® Epoxy felt as if the entire flooring industry was flawed to the bone. When we started out, our client jobs typically involved removing 2-3 year old quarry tile and then installing new quarry tile. It was an ongoing hamster wheel cycle - if tile didn't work the first time, then why should it work the second time? Why couldn't those floors last for years, or even decades into the future?

Everlast® partnered with a team of scientists and we discovered the problem: There were not enough resins in the finished epoxy floors to provide the "permanent" durability that they were hoping for...

Seems that contractors and manufactures were saving costs by using an excess amount of aggregate and not enough resins.What's more, the resins they were using were not designed for the harsh environment of a commercial kitchen.

After this discovery, we set out to develop our own resins - specifically for restaurant kitchen use.Our new floor formula has some of the strongest and most expensive resins around. One of the ingredients of Everlast's epoxy floor is also in F-16 fighter jets, so as you might imagine, our floors are well armored for some of the toughest conditions imaginable!

We also created "kits" and made them available only with the correct amounts of resin. Unlike most of the other competitors in North America, we absolutely refuse to sell more aggregate than the amount the resins call for. We are too committed to quality to compromise for a fast profit.

Because of our freakish commitment to quality and because of our astonishing ability for recommending the right floor product no matter how unusual the situation, Everlast has gained a reputation as one of the best epoxy flooring companies in America. If you're familiar with the Do-It-Yourself Network, you may have already seen some examples of our flooring products. You can also find Everlast® Epoxy Flooring installed at many reputable companies and organizations across America, including:Everlast Epoxy Flooring Clients
As you can see, Everlast Epoxy Systems has been working behind the scenes with some of the most respected companies and organizations in America. My previous clients will agree: you will get a fabulous new floor that meets your specific needs!

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