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Everlast® Floor has a textured finish. It is made from small natural marble stones and quartz which give it texture. This makes it a slip-resistant floor. It is a resin-rich floor, meaning the stones are completely saturated in epoxy resin, which makes it non-porous and therefore easy to clean.

Cleaning Everlast® Floor
Mop the floor using detergent and water. Dirt and grime are easily removed because the floor is non-porous. In foodservice, medical or restroom areas where the floor is exposed to chemicals we recommend washing your floors with a deckbrush and rinsing off the washwater thoroughly on a daily (or nightly) basis. Everlast Floor can also be pressure washed if necessary.

Cleaning floors with added non-slip
 Everlast® Floor with non-slip grit is still completely non porous and cleanable. In some applications, such as in a commercial kitchen, an additional grit is added to the glaze coat giving it added slip resistance. Cleaning methods are different for these floors. We recommend using a deck brush to scrub the floor and removing excess water with a squeegee.

Never scrub your floors again!!!
Cleaning your extra non-slip Everlast® Floor is simple.

1. First, remove excess water with a squeegee.

2. Sprinkle a coldwater degreaser over the floor (preferably one that is "environmentally friendly"), and then spread it around with a deck brush to ensure complete coverage.

3. Let it sit for the amount of time recommended by the cleaning solution manufacturer. Because of the properties of your Everlast Floor, dirt and grime will begin to "bead up" making it easy to remove.

4. Using a deck brush, agitate the cleaner to dismember the dirt and grime from the floor.

5. Chase the now dirty cleaner off the floor with fresh water and a squeegee.

This will ensure your floor will still look like new for years to come.

When maintaining a "back-of-house" (restaurant kitchen) floor, it is important to extract the standing rinse water nightly. This ensures your floor will last for years as some foods have acids that, when left for weeks without cleaning, can damage your floor. This can be done either by pushing the water to the drains with a squeegee or, when the floor is flat and does not have positive drainage, with an extractor. Please contact us for recommendations on the best power extractor available.

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