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Every facility has its own special need for protecting its floors and walls. Porous or cracked concrete, eroded joints in tile, and open control joints all pose problems for facility supervisors having to protect against mold, insects, and bacteria infestation hazards. Everlast® Floor can solve those problems in a way that is also better for the environment.

Less Water Consumption
Everlast Floor is seamless and non-porous. There are no pores for dirt and grime to penetrate. Less water is consumed when cleaning.

Less Pesticides Needed
Because Everlast® Floor is seamless, there are no cracks or crevices for insects to hide. Cleaning is also easier and more effective. This minimizes the insect population and less pesticides are needed.

No Solvents
Everlast® floor is made from natural stones and organic resins. Unlike most other epoxy floors which are daily depleting the ozone layer with their harsh solvents, Everlast® Floor contains no solvents. No solvents means no evaporation and contamination, which makes Everlast Floor one of the most environmentally friendly floors in the industry.

Less Waste During Installation
Very little waste is generated during the installation of Everlast® Epoxy Flooring. This is not true of most other flooring. For most tile installations, there are usually a few wheelbarrow loads of leftover scrap pieces. Sheet PVC and rubber flooring installations leave an enormous amount of waste. This just sits in our landfills. Everlast® epoxy floors are installed one bucket at a time. The waste on an Everlast epoxy flooring project will consist of the leftover bucket at the end of each phase of the job. Usually the non-recyclable portion of the waste is less than 50 pounds. Everlast® epoxy floor comes in plastic recyclable buckets and cardboard boxes.