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Maintenance Instructions
 When maintaining Everlast® Floor, it is important to throughly clean the floor and to extract the standing rinse water nightly. This ensures your floor will last for years as some foods have acids that, when left for days without cleaning, can damage your floor. This can be done either by pushing the water to the drains with a squeegee or, when the floor is flat and does not have positive drainage, with an extractor. Everlast® Floor can withstand temperatures up to 158 degrees F, so be mindful of the temperature of the water or steam used for cleaning - as well be careful to keep hot oil and grease off the floor. Floors in public restrooms, pet care and other facilities requiring daily cleaning need to have the rinse water extracted after each clean to avoid buildup on the floor and keep the floor stain-free as well as ensure a long lifespan of the floor. We advise using a cleaning machine with an extractor. Contact us for a recommendation on which equipment would be best for your type of facility.
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