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Epoxy Quartz Flooring versus Everlast® Floor

Quartz Broadcast floors are applied in multiple steps. First a resin is painted unto the floor, then quartz is broadcast into the resin. The dry quartz then soaks up much of the resin that would otherwise soak into the floor. After it cures, an epoxy is painted over the quartz. This forms a very thin layer that does not absorb thermal shock (high temperatures) well. Also, most broadcast floors are applied with a very hard epoxy resin, this creates a brittle floor and cannot expand and contract with the concrete thus the delamination.

Everlast® Floor is a poured and troweled, resin-rich, flooring. We use the industries best resins to formulate a flooring that can withstand high temperatures. Our flooring is flexible, so it outlasts its other epoxy counterparts.

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