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Everlast® Floor has a textured finish. It is made with small natural marble stones. This textured finish creates a slip-resistant flooring. In some applications, such as in a commercial kitchen, an additional grit is added to the glaze coat giving it added slip resistance. Different applications require different levels of slip-resistance.

Dry conditions
Everlast® Floor has a texture from the marble chips. It has a coarse, pebbled, ribbed, but non-abrasive surface. In areas which will not be constantly wet, no additional grit is needed, as your floor will have non-slip properties from the natural texture of the stone.

Wet conditions
When installing Everlast® Floor in frequently wet areas, add our non-slip additive to the glaze coat to give the floor a sandpaper like finish. This gives excellent slip and fall protection, even under wet conditions.

Commercial Kitchens
Restaurant and foodservice floors are often coated in grease and oil, making them prone to slip and fall accidents. Our coarse/kitchen non-slip additive will give your kitchen epoxy flooring an extremely aggressive finish. With this extra texture, coupled with proper cleaning, even a greasy kitchen floor can maintain slip resistance.

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