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How to Evaluate and Choose a New Epoxy Floor for Your Business

You’re in charge of choosing a new floor for your industrial, commercial, government, or medical building.

That means you’re probably overwhelmed in finding a floor which satisfies all your questions, like:

  • Fit—Which type of floor is best for your type of business?
  • Durability—How long will the floor last?
  • Cost—Besides purchase price, what are the expected repair and maintenance costs?
  • Care—How much employee labor is needed to maintain the floor on a daily basis?
  • Safety—Are employees and visitors likely to slip or be exposed to dangerous fluids?
  • Look—Will the floor accurately reflect your brand or image and be attractive to visitors?
  • Compliance—Will the new floor help you pass a health and safety inspection?

Want some clarity and ease when it comes to choosing the best floor for your organization?

Make your job easier by using our free 17-point checklist for evaluating and choosing the right floor for your needs.

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