Everlast® Epoxy vs Neverlast Flooring | Restore Damaged Concrete With Everlast® Natural Stone

Everlast® Epoxy vs Neverlast Flooring Episode 6 :

Restore Damaged Concrete With Everlast® Natural Stone

Do you have a concrete floor that’s been giving you a headache? Is it constantly ruining your carpet, hardwood, or tile floor? Chances are you have a moisture problem. What happens with trapped moisture is it wants to make its way to the top surface. If you have a solid material, i.e. it doesn’t allow moisture to go through it, you’ll have an ongoing need to replace your floor every few years. However, there is a solution to restore a damaged concrete floor with Everlast® Epoxy’s Natural Stone.

I’ve had many conversations with homeowners that have either a basement or another environment that has exposed moist concrete.

If you’ve ever walked on wet carpet… you know how nasty that feeling is. Now imagine having that wet carpet in your basement.

It turns into the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of nasty viruses and bacteria… and you certainly don’t want your kids playing on that carpet!

Moisture wants to rise to the surface and this is common with basement concrete floors since they often absorb rainwater from underneath your house.

And unless you enjoy concrete floor resurfacing, something has got to change.


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You Can’t Fight Nature, But You Can Learn To Adapt To Its Behaviour.

Although there are many concrete floor repair products on the market today, I find that they often fight nature.

As much as we humans like to think we can handle any situation, it’s not true when it comes to mother nature.

At Everlast® Epoxy Systems, Inc. we learned a long time ago that it’s better to work WITH nature than trying to fight her.

With that principle in mind, we realized that in order to prevent moisture from destroying our flooring material, we needed to allow the moisture to simply go through it.

With our Natural Stone product line, this is the perfect option for moisture-rich floors and environments.

Because our flooring system is porous, moisture will simply makes its way to the top and evaporate into the air.

No buildup of moisture… no problem! A simple idea that revolutionized our Natural Stone system.

This will also eliminate mold and mildew as well if you’re used to having carpet in your basement.

But the real beauty of our Natural Stone line is how easy to install and easy to maintain it.

Are You Looking For A Better Option For Your Concrete Floor?

We here at Everlast® Epoxy firmly believe that we have the right solution for your needs. We can confidently say this because many of our past clients have been homeowners, swimming pools, and other high-moisture areas. In fact, not a day goes by we don’t talk to a homeowner!

However, we understand you have many questions before making your decision. Why not give us a call and talk to one of our friendly floor experts today?

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