Your Facility Management Checklist: Getting Ahead

Ensuring you cover all your essential bases with a facilities management checklist

What are the main areas a facility management checklist will need to focus on when training a new position with your family-owned brand? Use this checklist to help determine how you are going to get ahead, and make sure that you tick all of the boxes.


This checklist will help you to determine if you have covered all the essential bases with your new facility manager and their ability to manage your facility.

1 Hire a competent facility manager
2 Establish an aligned facility philosophy
3 Establish a facility hygiene and management mission
4 Create a facility maintenance master plan
5 Take sustainability of your plan into account
6 Take security of your plan into account
7 Include emergency management in your plan
8 Make sure that adequate planning has taken place
9 Organize facility management by function, location, and organization
10 Evaluate and hire staff members
11 Evaluate and hire contractors and consultants
12 Manage personnel according to your plan
13 Direct staff, and build work schedules
14 Develop policy and procedure plans
15 Control standards, scheduling, IT systems, and policy execution
16 Evaluate design, and analyze program steps periodically
17 Facility planning and forecasting by gathering business data
18 Strategic facility planning in three-year and 10-year plans
19 Operational planning procedures
20 Macro and micro level planning and capital program development
21 Lease administration and property management
22 Space planning, allocation, and management
23 Architectural planning and design and engineering of major systems
24 Workplace planning, allocation, and management
25 Budgeting, accounting, and economic justification
26 Real estate acquisition and disposal
27 Environmental and legal due diligence
28 Sustainability – site selection
29 An easy to maintain flooring
30 Vendor relationships
31 Project management compliance
32 Workplace improvements, lighting, air quality, and thermal comfort
33 Aligning design with business functions
34 Construction project management
35 Operations, maintenance, and repair
36 Technology management
37 Facility emergency management
38 Security and life-safety management
39 General administrative services
40 Vending and food services

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