Why you should avoid vinyl composite tiles for commercial floors

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) is often used as an inexpensive flooring solution in a host of commercial and industrial settings. 

Many businesses choose VCT because they believe that it is a very durable material. However, before deciding that VCT is the right choice for a commercial floor, give this article a read to discover how a VCT installation could set your business up for expensive repairs and a failed floor.

Why installing VCT can cause issues

When installing a new flooring system or replacing a failed floor, one of the key considerations is the ease and speed of installation.

At first glance, VCT seems pretty easy to install—but only if the subfloor is completely flat and even. Before starting to lay the tiles, the subfloor must be thoroughly checked and any bumps must be rectified before installation can begin.

If VCT is laid over an uneven base, it won’t be long before the tiles become brittle and crack, causing damage to the whole flooring system.

For a durable alternative to VCT, consider an Everlast® Epoxy resin floor, which can be laid over almost any substrate with very little preparation. The secret to the easy installation of an epoxy floor is its resin-rich formula that is both the adhesive and the flooring all in one. 

There is no need to go to the expense of removing the previous floor because our formula bonds with most surfaces. Simply trowel it on and leave it to cure—your facility can be open for business with a brand new floor with minimal downtime.

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Weather limitations of VCT

If your business is located in an area affected by extreme temperatures, VCT may not be the right flooring choice for a variety of reasons.

In bright sunlight, the tiles can fade with time, which will make your floor appear dull. In harsh, cold climates, the tiles can become brittle, which will result in cracked or chipped tiles.

In contrast, epoxy flooring is designed to perform in extreme temperatures without losing its aesthetic appeal in hot temperatures or breaking in cold climates.

Everlast® Epoxy floors can repeatedly withstand temperatures up to 158°F and also perform in freezing conditions, which makes them an ideal choice whether you are installing the floor in sunny California or the cool crispness of a Maine winter.

Is VCT an eco-friendly solution?

Even though VCT is widely installed in offices, warehouses, and other facilities across the United States, it’s not the most environmentally friendly flooring solution available.

VCT is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride, which emits harmful fumes when it is exposed to fire or incinerated. There is also a growing issue with the amount of VCT that ends up in landfill sites each year, as older buildings and facilities are renovated.

Switching to a “greener” flooring solution, such as Everlast® Eco-Friendly Floor, prevents waste, as it is manufactured using recycled porcelain from old bathroom fittings and repurposed glass bottles.

The result? A durable and attractive floor that reduces the amount of landfill the United States produces rather than contributes to it.

We all need to do our bit to help save the planet, and starting with your floor will give your business a solid foundation to build upon.

Floor maintenance issues

If the thought of rewaxing an expanse of flooring to keep it maintained and looking good fills you with dread, then VCT may not be the best choice for your facility.

Areas subjected to heavy foot traffic will develop wear paths after a short time. The only way to remedy the issue is to invest time, money, and elbow grease into rewaxing the surface regularly.

When choosing a flooring system for a high-traffic area, consider our resin-rich formula, which delivers durability in the toughest of environments. No waxing, buffing, or elbow grease required!

Choose a flooring system that stands the test of time

The main attraction to using VCT for commercial floors comes down to the cost of installation. But, it’s often a false economy. We’ve been contacted by so many businesses who have used VCT only to discover that it was not as durable or easy to maintain as they had hoped.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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