Why facility managers should choose easy maintenance epoxy flooring

Staff, customers, and visitors to your business will probably never notice the effort made to provide a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment. However, take away the hard work of a dedicated facilities team and they would soon start to notice signs of neglect and wear and tear.

Facilities managers play a key role in the security, maintenance, and services of facilities to ensure that the core needs of the business are met. One of the most important aspects of any facilities manager's job is to provide and maintain a durable flooring solution to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently.

Read on to discover why facility managers across all industries should choose easy-maintenance epoxy flooring for a productive, safe, and sanitary workplace.

Warehouses and factories

Factories and warehouses are busy environments with many potential safety hazards. From loading bays where forklift trucks operate to assembly lines where workers must move quickly to keep production flowing, there are many aspects for a facility manager to consider to keep staff safe.

Epoxy flooring is fast becoming the material of choice for industrial businesses across the United States, as it provides the durability to cope with heavy traffic from pallet trucks, lorries, and constant foot traffic without chipping, lifting, or otherwise posing a trip hazard.

Employees are also better protected from the risk of a trip or fall because the abrasive surface of epoxy flooring provides excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions, such as near an open loading bay door.

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Offices and corporate premises

Corporate buildings have so many areas to consider in terms of flooring that it can be a real headache for facility managers who are tasked with finding a hard-wearing solution. From the boardroom to the parking lot and the walkways to the restrooms, the flooring must provide years of durable service.

Unlike most other options, easy maintenance epoxy flooring lasts for decades without cracking, lifting, or chipping away to leave behind a grubby and tired-looking surface. 

The secret to Everlast® Epoxy’s long-lasting floors lies in our thick and flexible system, which uses only high-quality epoxies mixed with the correct ratio of aggregates. Most of our competitors install a thin 60-mm layer, but Everlast® Epoxy floors are 160 mm thick to achieve ultimate durability in all areas of the building.

Hospitality and hotels

First impressions count—and no one understands this better than the facility manager of a hotel or hospitality business.

When aesthetics are important, epoxy resin flooring won’t let you down. From incorporating your logo into the floor design of your hotel lobby to give it a “wow” factor to our impressive choice of over fifty colors to match your corporate branding, our flooring solutions can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Medical and healthcare

Any institution in which sick or vulnerable people are treated adds another level of responsibility to facility managers, such as those in the care industry.

Hygiene levels and infection control needs to be closely managed, and choosing a flooring system that supports these requirements is not an easy task. 

Dirt, debris, and germs are impossible to eliminate completely, but the EPA-registered antimicrobial component used in Everlast® Epoxy floors helps to support a sanitary environment.

The antimicrobial component is dispersed throughout each layer, giving floors greater protection from microorganisms and odor-causing bacteria from the surface to the substrate.

Easy maintenance epoxy flooring

Cleaning and maintaining floors to a high standard can be a time-consuming task for janitorial teams across every industry.

We’re here to help facility managers get more from their team by cutting down the amount of scrubbing and buffing that many other flooring options require. By choosing an easy-to-clean, seamless epoxy resin floor, the task can be completed using just detergent and water. 

Dirt and grime will never become embedded in our floors because they are nonporous. After cleaning, any excess water can simply be pushed to the nearest drain, using a squeegee. There is no need for any back-breaking buffing or polishing, which saves your team both time and energy.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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