Why choose Everlast® Epoxy flooring for airport terminals

The United States is home to some of the biggest and busiest airports in the world. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport alone welcomes over 104 million passengers through its doors each year. 

From concourses and boarding lounges to baggage claim areas and passport control, there is a lot of space that requires suitable flooring to keep an airport functioning efficiently. In areas with high foot traffic, floors must be incredibly hard-wearing, easy to clean and maintain, slip-resistant, and look great too. 

Behind the scenes, there are maintenance areas that need surfaces that can cope with chemical, oil, and fluid spillages without damaging the floor.

With so many different demands, finding a floor that will meet all these expectations is not an easy task. Using Everlast® Epoxy flooring for airport terminals is a smart choice that ticks all the boxes—read on to discover how our epoxy flooring can benefit airports and provide a safe, durable surface for the many passengers traveling through.

Decades of durability for airport flooring

When choosing a surface for a high-traffic area, wear resistance is a key consideration. Daily foot traffic can eat away at the surface of many floors—including some other brands of resin flooring—causing it to crack and lift, reducing the effectiveness of any protective coatings.

Not only do wear paths look unsightly but as the surface degrades it becomes harder to maintain and clean. Chips and cracks allow bacteria and grime to accumulate, which causes irreparable damage to the substrate. The result? A costly floor replacement that will affect the day-to-day operations of the airport.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring for airport terminals is different. We never dilute our resin-rich formula with solvents or fillers, which means our floors provide decades of durability.

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Slip-resistant floors keep passengers safe

As some of the busiest environments in the world, airports need to provide a high level of safety for passengers. Slips and trips are one of the most common forms of injury at airports, especially in the main entrances where wet footprints can create slippery surfaces.

No one wants to start their adventure with a slip or fall—and airport operators don’t want to run the risk of negative publicity or a costly lawsuit should an injury occur.

Everlast® Epoxy floors are designed to minimize the risk of injury to passengers. The surface of our flooring is textured for added grip, and we finish installation with a coarse but nonabrasive finish that provides excellent slip and trip protection, even in areas where the floor may be wet.

Easy-to-clean airport flooring

The sheer expanse of flooring in a large airport requires a full-time janitorial staff to keep it cleaned and well-maintained. When an airport uses tile or concrete floors, it takes a lot of time to keep them looking their best—buffing, polishing, and the occasional replacement of cracked tiles for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Resin floors make cleaning and maintenance of airport floors faster and easier. The nonporous surface does not allow any spills to penetrate the surface, which protects the substrate and prevents stains or bad odors. Spills sit on the surface of the floor, simply waiting to be wiped away.

For a thorough clean in airport maintenance bays, where chemicals and oils are present, the floor can be pressure washed to ensure it looks as good as new for many years to come.

Attractive airport floors

Although our resin floors offer a practical solution, we believe that functional flooring should also be beautiful. With our attractive floor options, passengers can experience the “wow factor” as soon as they enter the airport entrance right through to when they exit the boarding lounge.

With over 50 color choices and the ability to add logos or designs to the floor, our floors are truly customizable. Our expert installers can even zone areas of the floor to create safe walkways or help guide passengers in the right direction. View our flooring gallery for inspiration.

Choose epoxy flooring for airport terminals

For airport flooring solutions that meet the demands of a busy airport, speak to the Everlast® Epoxy team, who can offer friendly advice and free quotes for your project. We’ve undertaken many successful airport projects across the United States in our long history.

Call our team at (800) 708-9870 or request a commercial flooring sample to see and feel the quality of our epoxy flooring for airport terminals.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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