What to consider when choosing laundry room flooring

Whether it’s a hotel, hospital, laundromat, or dry cleaning business, laundry rooms are a necessity in any facility where clothes and linen need washing.

Laundry room floors take plenty of abuse and have to be able to handle humidity and heat from the washers and dryers plus occasional leaks or spills. Add to this the weight of laundry carts, appliances, and foot traffic and it’s clear that there are many things to consider when choosing laundry room flooring.

There are plenty of flooring options for laundry rooms, but we believe Everlast® Epoxy stands head and shoulders above the rest—and here is why.

Copes with moisture and steam

Laundry rooms are demanding spaces with plenty of potential for leaks and spills, plus regular humid, steamy conditions that can wreak havoc on flooring.

A water-resistant floor is the most effective way to ensure that moisture cannot penetrate the flooring and cause damage to the substrate. 

We’ve seen many laundry rooms with tiled or concrete floors that are not self-contained, which allows dirty water to seep between the joints and cracks and creates a haven for damaging and odor-causing bacteria.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring is a seamless solution that ensures all spills are directed to the drain and avoids the problems that come with a penetrated surface and damaged subfloor.

In addition to being equipped to cope with damp conditions at floor level, you can create a cove base of any height to help protect your walls for sanitary, self-containing protection.

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Laundry detergents and chemicals are not a problem

The purpose of a commercial laundry room is to get clothes and linen hygienically clean. This means that harsh detergents are routinely used, which exposes the flooring to laundry chemicals that could cause damage to the surface and the substrate in the long term.

We don’t want your laundry room floor to fail. So, we instructed our technical team to subject Everlast® Epoxy flooring to rigorous testing to ensure no pitting or cratering occurs—even when the surface is exposed to harsh detergents, chemicals, and household cleaners such as Pinesol.

Our flooring is exposed to a range of chemicals for seven days (rather than just twenty-four hours, like many of our competitors). Check out the full list of chemicals that our floors can withstand.

Everlast floor under equipment

Withstands the weight and vibrations of appliances

One of the key considerations when choosing a laundry room flooring solution is whether the surface can withstand the weight and vibrations of heavy appliances and laundry carts.

Epoxy floors are hailed as one of the most durable flooring solutions, but many resinous floors are diluted with solvents or fillers, which, after time, can cause wear paths to form. 

Exposure to the constant wheeling of laundry carts and frequent vibrations of the machines in the spin cycle can quickly damage a floor—and some inferior resin floors will simply not withstand the abuse in the long term.

Our resin floors are different. We use only the highest quality aggregates and resins, and we never bulk out our products with solvents and fillers. This means our flooring stands the test of time.  

For your added peace of mind, we can confidently offer a twenty-year limited warranty on your next laundry room floor.

Safety considerations for workers 

Laundry rooms can be hazardous places. Heavy machinery, exposure to cleaning chemicals, plus the hot, humid environment can all create opportunities for potential accidents, trips, and falls.

Keeping staff safe is the highest priority for all business owners. By choosing the right flooring for your laundry facility, the risk of accidents is reduced.

Our floors have a textured finish, which provides excellent slip-resistance, even in damp and humid conditions. The marble chips used in our resin give the surface a coarse yet nonabrasive finish, minimizing slips and falls and keeping your team members safe.

As an additional safety measure, our floors are available in over 50 colors, including “Safety Yellow” to mark out walkways or zones where staff will need to take more care, such as near heavy appliances.

Get the best laundry room floor with Everlast® Epoxy

Our resinous floors are designed to deliver durability, hygiene, and safety to laundry rooms across the United States. 

Keep your facility looking great for the long haul while meeting all the functional demands of a laundry room by speaking with our team at (800) 708-9870. Our flooring experts will be happy to discuss the best flooring options for your unique needs.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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