What is the best industrial flooring?

With so many industrial flooring options available, it can be challenging to know which is the right choice for your organization.

Is polished concrete durable? Is rubber flooring easy to maintain? How versatile is an epoxy resin surface? With so many considerations, selecting the best industrial flooring for your organization can seem daunting.

To help you decide, here’s a list of some of the most popular flooring solutions on the market - along with the pros and cons of using them in an industrial setting

Polished concrete and cementitious urethane flooring

Cementitious urethane and polished concrete flooring are popular choices across many industries. They are types of concrete surfaces and are therefore long-lasting and relatively easy to maintain.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. Polished concrete and cementitious urethane are both very hard underfoot - making them uncomfortable to walk or stand on for long periods of time - so if your team are on their feet throughout their shift, the flooring won’t flex or cushion their soles.

Polished concrete and cementitious urethane flooring are also susceptible to moisture. The porous nature of concrete allows liquids to seep into the layers, causing bacteria growth and damage to the substrate.

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Rubber and PVC flooring

If you want comfort underfoot, rubber or PVC flooring provides a flexible and adaptable flooring solution. It’s also slip-resistant, which helps to protect staff and visitors from trips and falls.

While rubberized floors have some admirable safety features, the downside is that they usually require more maintenance and cleaning to keep them sanitary. The surface is not generally as hard-wearing as alternatives such as concrete or epoxy resin, meaning unsightly wear paths can soon arise.

Rubber flooring also requires the use of adhesives by an experienced installer. The odors from the glue mean that the facility will need to shut down until the fumes have dissipated - causing downtime that few businesses can afford.

Vinyl composite flooring

For businesses on a budget, vinyl composite, or VCT flooring, is an attractive option. It’s easy to install, has a wide variety of colors to choose from and if your working environment is not exposed to moisture, VCT flooring provides long-lasting durability.

Unfortunately, vinyl composite flooring does not perform well in damp or wet conditions, as water will penetrate the surface and damage the substrate. Once the base layer is compromised, the floor will quickly become unsanitary and emit foul and unwelcoming odors.

Also, to keep a VCT floor looking decent it will need frequent waxing, a time-consuming task that your janitorial staff will not thank you for!

Polyaspartic floor coatings

Polyaspartic flooring is the new kid in town and boasts plenty of reasons why it’s a contender for the best industrial flooring. 

It’s a concrete floor coating and sealer that bonds with the substrate and is resistant to chemical spillages and stains. It’s also fast-curing in just thirty minutes, which sounds great - but the fast-curing time can also cause issues.

For a long-term bond, polyaspartic coatings need time to seep through and saturate the substrate - but with such a fast-curing time the coating does not absorb, leaving the floor prone to peeling and delamination.

Epoxy resin floor

If you want the best industrial flooring for your business, then Everlast® Epoxy resin floors have all of the advantages of concrete, VCT, rubberized and polyaspartic surfaces - but without the drawbacks.

Our thick, trowelable floors are easy to install, non-porous, and have an EPA-registered antimicrobial component designed to minimize the growth of microorganisms, making them a sanitary choice too.

As well as ticking all the boxes for practicality and durability, Everlast® floors are also available in over 50 rich and vibrant colors to create an attractive look for your workspace.

The long-lasting flooring solution

Non-porous and waterproof, safe and easy to clean, it’s little wonder that industries across the United States are choosing Everlast® Epoxy flooring as the foundation of their business.

Are you ready to go resin? Speak to our friendly flooring experts at (0800) 708 9870 or ask us a question online to see how easy it is to ensure your business only installs the best industrial flooring.

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