Time to Replace Your Floors? Ask Yourself…

Depending on the materials used, flooring can last for decades. With a little refinishing or some basic repair work, solid floors can stand the test of time—until they can’t. So how to decide if you should try and repair what you’ve got or opt for something new? We’ve rounded up some clear-cut signs it’s time to replace your floors. Start here…

How OLD are your floors?

While, again, good flooring can last for decades, there comes a point when you should probably opt for replacing it. If your floors are a few years old, chances are it makes sense to fix what you’ve got—unless you have severe damage, infestations or bacterial growths. Then keep reading—replacement may be in your not-too-distant future.

How many times have your floors been repaired/refinished? 

This is especially true for hardwood floors. If your floors have been repaired extensively more than a few times or, in the case of hardwood, been refinished over and over, it might be time for new floors. Too much repair and refinishing work can weaken floors and, of course, is an investment unto itself. After a while, opting for new just makes sense.

How sturdy do your floors seem/feel? 

Floors can get too springy or, simply, stop feeling sturdy over time. If that’s the case, consider replacing your floors. Not only can these pose potential safety risks but, the longer you wait, the more costly damage is likely to occur.

Is there severe damage? 

Floods, leaks and other damaging elements can severely damage floors—sometimes beyond reasonable repairs. If your floors have been through the ringer, get a pro’s opinion—it may be cheaper or more efficient to replace your floors versus trying to salvage them.

Are your floors breaking the bank? 

Costly professional cleaning. Constant repairs. Splinters. Slips and falls. Cracks. No matter what you do, your floors seem to always be in need of something with a hefty price tag. While changing habits or usage can help, sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes you need to swap out for floors that can stand up to whatever usage you need. Sure, the upfront cost may be higher than your go-to bandaid solutions, in the end you’ll likely save money and headaches.

Are you ready for something new? 

Sometimes you just want new floors—and that’s a perfectly good reason to go with something new! Whether you’re renovating your space or feel like your floors just don’t “fit,” swapping out the floors can be a major upgrade.

Time To Replace Your Floors?

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