Think Winter is the Messiest Season? Think Again.

While winter seems pretty messy—there’s snow, ice, slush and all that dirt and sand to remove the snow, ice and slush—there’s actually another season nipping at its not-so-clean heels: summer. Between the water-centric activities and constant in/out in/out, summer packs a serious punch when it comes to mess-making—and that can wreak havoc on your floors…


If you’ve got a pool on premises, chances are a ton of that pool water is going to make its way into your facility or business. Between the soaking wet water shoes and flip flops and the dripping bathing suits and towels, sometimes it seems amazing there’s any water left in the pool.

Not only is this endless stream potentially dangerous—think slips and falls, for starters—but the water can also seep into your flooring or rest on the surface, leading to mold and bacteria growth. And once that happens, even scrubbing won’t do the trick.


When the temperatures rise, your customers and employees likely spend more time outside—and then they come into your business, warehouse, retail location or eatery.

During cooler seasons, people tend to stay inside, going from their homes into their garages and straight into their cars. Sure, there’s some residual dirt and grime that comes with, but it’s nothing like the dirt and grime that happens when those same people hit the park, the beach, the backyard and everywhere in between. So when they finally do get to you, the soles of their shoes and everything else is just a little bit dirtier and more likely to be carrying bacteria. Gross.


Depending on your type of business, there’s a good chance you see a spike in foot traffic in the summer. People are out more, doing more and spending more time hopping from place to place—the days are longer, after all.

While that’s, no doubt, good for business, the added foot traffic can do serious damage to your floors. From tracking dirt and bacteria in to, simply, wearing your floors out prematurely, this season can be a tough one for your space.

Everlast® Epoxy floors can stand up to any season—summer included. With coarse, pebbled and ribbed surfaces, our floors are completely slip-resistant with no additional grit needed. Not only will that prevent summertime slips and falls, but Everlast®  Floor surfaces keep water and moisture out. And, with a seamless finish, our floors naturally prevent mold, bacteria and even pests from seeping in. If you’re getting your floors summer-ready—or if they took a serious beating last summer—get in touch and see how Everlast can stand the test of SUMMER.

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