Things You Don’t Think Will Happen on Your Floor—But WILL…

Everlast® Epoxy Flooring

No matter your business, something happens when you install new flooring. The entire space is suddenly fresh, vibrant and looks better than ever and you can’t help but think this is what they’ll look like forever! Wishful thinking? A little—but we get it. That’s why we’ve designed Everlast® Epoxy flooring to withstand all the elements, from water to harsh chemicals to heavy foot traffic, bacteria, pests and more. Because we know the minute your customers and employees hit those floors, things happen.

#1. Slips & Falls

Think slips and falls won’t happen on your floor? Think again. Tens of thousands of workplace slips and falls are reported each year, costing employers more than $11 billion. The most common causes of those slips? Water or other liquid on smooth floor surfaces, slippery walking surfaces, highly waxed or polished floors or awkward transitions from one type of flooring to the next.

#2. Spills 

Whether you’ve got a commercial kitchen, a retail space or a standard office building, spills will happen. Sure, kitchens and restaurants are likely more prone to spills than a boutique, let’s say, but a fast-moving customer juggling bags or merchandise could easily lose their grip on a water bottle or coffee cup. And the minute that takes a tumble is the minute it becomes a mess—and a potential issue for your floor. Whether it’s the liability that comes with a slip and fall or, simply, the liquid seeping into the porous surface of your floor causing mold and mildew, even a little spill can lead to a big problem. If you don’t safeguard your floor, you could be dealing with lots of repair and maintenance costs down the road.

#3. Bugs & Pests

Even well-treated spaces can be breeding grounds for bugs and pests. Again, it’s all about the porous surfaces of most commercial floors—bugs can easily burrow in and hide in plain sight. Because they’re hard to detect, they can often go untreated for months or even longer, leading to a massive outbreak and hefty extermination costs. If you think it can’t happen on your floors, it’s time to take a good, hard look down—because there’s a good chance it already has.

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#4. Grease, Oil & Chemicals 

No matter your space, your floors take a beating day after day—and, often, that beating includes direct exposure to grease, oil and chemicals. In some workspaces it’s a given—in a commercial kitchen there will be grease spills, for example. But even if seemingly safe spaces, these harsh contaminants are more common than you think.

Not only do customers, vendors and employees track anything and everything on the soles of their shoes, but many cleaners and cleaning supplies contain abrasive components that can easily seep into your floor and cause blistering, peeling, cracking and bubbling—all unsightly side effects that are expensive to repair.

#5. Bacteria & Fungal Growths 

Gross—we know. But because of most floors’ porous surfaces and constant exposure to the elements—or, simply, the soles of people’s shoes—bacteria and dirt are all too common. And when they take hold, growth can be quick and unruly, leading to everything from bacterial outbreaks to fungus and yeast and lots more. Again, it’s costly to tackle and flat out gross. Even worse, though? It’s likely happening on your floor right now.

We get it—we have floors and we know floors. As we’ve developed Everlast® Epoxy flooring solutions, we’ve taken all of these common challenges and everyday happenings into account. The end result? Collections that are as functional as they are versatile and ready for anything and everything. With seamless, non-porous surfaces, liquids aren’t an issue—and neither are the slips and falls that come with. Same goes for pests and growths—nothing’s getting in and nothing’s taking hold, saving your time, money and, of course, the ew factor. Learn more about Everlast® Epoxy’s flooring and see how we’re building floors that get the job done.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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