The Restroom Chronicles: Why Cleaning Matters

Your restroom is more important than you know. 

Perhaps the most important task of all is cleaning public restrooms. On review sites, unclean restroom complaints make up a huge percentage of why customers do not return to a facility they have visited. Here is why and how to keep your restroom areas 100% clean during the day and night:

Public Restroom Cleaning

In a recent survey by the Cintas Corporation, 93% of their respondents said that if a restroom floor is mucky or sticky, they would consider it dirty. Everything from unflushed toilets, odor, and full trash cans are indicators of an ill-kept restroom.

Along with these obvious signs of an unclean restroom, people also judge your public restroom area based on whether or not there are old, outdated soap dispensers, water around the sink areas, empty soap dispensers, no toilet paper, and paper towels on the floor.

The Clean Method advocates for radical restroom sanitation protocols specifically because public opinion is so touchy and sensitive about bathrooms. Worst yet, they directly influence whether or not these customers ever return. If people are not comfortable using your facilities, they are simply not comfortable!

Make no mistake, environmental health scientists call restrooms “high risk” environments. People know this and often judge the cleanliness of your entire company based on that one little area. They are not wrong! Restrooms are where germs spread, cross-contamination happens, and harmful bacteria breed.

It is in your best interest to focus closely on your restrooms for review purposes too because your larger competitors are not. There are countless rants, for example, about a specific burger chain’s restrooms, which are notoriously disgusting. This is not the kind of publicity you want online.

“The restrooms are dirty and don’t have any toilet paper. I would not recommend this place,” says a Yelp reviewer who recently left a negative review after visiting a movie theatre.

Fortunately there is a solution that will go a long way towards keeping your public restrooms clean. That is easy-to-clean public restroom flooring from Everlast Epoxy.

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