The Importance of Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment: the barrier that defends your employees

Personal protective equipment can shield your employees from physical harm in your facility and impact their quality of work, which directly affects your customers. Never underestimate the importance or large-scale benefits on offer when you choose to improve the personal protective equipment inside your facility.

Without protective equipment your employees are at risk

Whether you own a vet practice, doctor’s rooms, an electrical company, a pathology lab, or a fast food restaurant, there is always a need for good, solid protective gear. A facility needs to be assessed to see where this protective gear would most come in handy.

Factors like injuries in the workplace are common, and this is especially true when dealing with cleaning materials that are toxic, are abrasive, and can cause a variety of various reactions, injuries, and illnesses if lengthy exposure happens.

The bottom line is that most on-the-job injuries and incidents can be prevented with the correct use of protective gear. Cleaning materials can be consumed, inhaled, and absorbed through the skin, causing blindness, seizures, heart concerns, and fainting. Breathing in mold spores can cause serious disease and lung trauma.

Whenever your employees work with toxic chemicals, they need to keep their exposure levels in mind. This means focusing on the key areas of exposure.

  •        Inhalation (masks, face covers, ventilation)
  •        Absorption (skin contact, gloves, protective clothing)
  •        Irritants (goggles or protective eye wear)
  •        Exposure (protection from whatever they are cleaning)

Personal protective gear insulates your employees from long-term disease risks associated with environmental toxicity (cancers, for example), and it protects them in the short term by keeping cleaning materials and harmful bacteria off their skin and outside their body.

Without protective equipment your employees are at risk, not just today but every day. Toxins build up in the body, and chemicals can send people to the ER with burns, unexplained illness, dizziness, vomiting, and worse. Protect your employees first!

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