The easy way to maintain an epoxy floor

Epoxy floors are a resilient and extremely versatile type of flooring and are installed in many businesses and facilities across the United States.

As one of the most durable floorings surfaces on the market, epoxy resin floors are ideal for application in a variety of settings—from warehouses and walkways to high-traffic areas and hospitals.

As well as providing years of service, Everlast Epoxy® floors are pretty easy to maintain—as long as you follow some simple ground rules.

Read on to discover how to maintain an epoxy floor and see just how easy it is to keep a resin flooring solution in tip-top condition.

Sweep or vacuum the surface

It is inevitable that dirt and debris get tracked across the floor of any business premises, so it’s good practice to sweep or vacuum the floor (using a soft brush attachment) on a regular basis to remove any grit, sand, or dirt. 

Our epoxy flooring is incredibly hard-wearing, so debris will not damage or scratch the surface—but some basic housekeeping will keep your floor looking good for even longer.

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Use the right cleaning products

Using a good-quality cleaning product is a surefire way to maintain the aesthetics of an epoxy floor.

Some floor cleaners can leave a hazy finish on epoxy flooring, so opt for a product that delivers a lifetime of resilience and luster.

The Everlast® Floor Care system is a daily cleaning solution that has been formulated especially for our resin floors and is used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

And there is good news for your janitorial team too: there is no need for labor-intensive mopping and buffing. Simply splash Everlast® Floor Care over the surface, leave it to work its magic for five minutes, and then direct any excess fluid to the drain with a squeegee or deck brush. Fast. Simple. Clean.

If you need some extra cleaning power, use the product with an automatic scrubber to tackle tough patches and lift ingrained dirt.

No need to clean the whole floor

Vast warehouses can require a lot of time, energy, and resources to keep clean and maintained, so make sure you stay on top of small areas where dirt is regularly tracked or where a liquid is spilt.

Spills can easily be cleaned away as our resin floors are nonporous, so fluids simply sit on the surface, ready to be wiped away should a spill occur.

Cleaning chemical spills

Depending on your type of facility, your flooring may have to contend with chemical spills. For most floors, this would pose a significant issue and could cause irreparable and costly damage.

The very nature of epoxy flooring means that chemical spillages can be easily cleaned away, as the surface is resistant to many harsh chemicals, acids, fats, and oils. 

Chemical spills can be wiped away from the surface just like any other spill—and thanks to extensive saturation testing, we can confidently state that there will be no signs of pitting or erosion after exposure to these chemicals.

Maintaining an epoxy floor is easy with Everlast®

We believe that our epoxy floors are the only choice if you’re looking for a tough surface that blends beauty with low maintenance.

Caring for your resin floor will take minimal time, but it needs to be done regularly. Our floors are designed to be hassle-free and fast to clean so they remain good-looking and functional for many years after installation.

Want to learn more about how to maintain an epoxy floor? Speak to our flooring specialists at (800) 708-9870 for friendly, professional advice, or ask us a question about our Everlast® Floor Care system online.

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