The benefits of epoxy flooring for food production facilities

Food production facilities are environments in which every surface needs to be food-safe, easy to clean and maintain, and very hard-wearing. In the food manufacturing industry, hygiene is paramount.

However, there is much more to a sanitary food processing center than regular handwashing and wipeable work surfaces. If you’re looking for superior hygiene for your food production facility, you’ll need to start at the floor.

Sanitary, antimicrobial commercial catering flooring

Facility managers who choose epoxy flooring for their food preparation facilities will have the peace of mind that employees are working in an environment with enhanced hygiene capabilities, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of epoxy resin floors.

All epoxy flooring manufacturers can claim that their surfaces have antimicrobial properties that combat bacteria and prevent odor. However, most floors only provide antimicrobial protection in the top layer of flooring, leaving the lower layers of your floors vulnerable to bacteria, should the surface become pitted or gouged.

In contrast, Everlast® Epoxy flooring contains an EPA-registered antimicrobial component that is dispersed through every layer, making it a flooring system that protects from fungi, bacteria, mildew, and microorganisms—all the way from the top coating right through to the base.

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High-performance, durable floors that last

Everlast® Epoxy flooring for food production facilities provides all the durability you need. It’s resistant to high temperatures, so spills of hot fats or water will not damage your floor—it can even endure subzero conditions too, making it ideal for freezers and chillers.

Our floors are designed to provide decades of functional service—much longer than a traditional tiled floor, which often fails after just a few years. And the fewer times you need to repair or replace your flooring system, the more time and money you’ll save.

If you are replacing a failed floor, an epoxy resin system also ticks the boxes in terms of fast installation. It’s trowelable and quick-curing, which means less downtime for your facility.

Another advantage is that our epoxy resin flooring doesn’t fade with repeated cleans, spills, or heavy foot traffic either, so it’ll remain good-looking for much longer than inferior flooring systems.

Wipe-clean flooring without the need to scrub

Cleaning and maintaining the floor areas in food preparation facilities can be back-breaking work. Some flooring surfaces, such as tiles or rubberized floors, can harbor grease, food debris, and bacteria between the joints, but Everlast® Epoxy flooring doesn’t provide harbor for germs and food particles.

Epoxy resin floors are seamless, which means there will be no issues with trapped food or bacteria, all of which thrive in the dark, damp haven between tile cracks and under loose flooring.

A seamless floor is also much easier to maintain, as dirt and grime can simply be wiped away with our Everlast® Floor Care System, a squeegee, and clean water, leaving you with a sanitized area ready to go when the next shift begins.

Minimize the risk of slips and trips

Facility managers can help to ensure staff safety by installing a floor that looks after the well-being of their staff. 

Keeping your employees out of accident reports is made easier with our slip-free flooring solution. Everlast® Epoxy flooring has a textured finish that provides a safe, slip-resistant environment in which to work, even in areas where food, grease and oil may be spilt.

Choose Everlast® Epoxy for food production facilities

If we’ve convinced you that it’s time to replace tired tiles that harbor dirt or a rubber matting floor that serves as a breeding ground for bacteria, then speak to our team at 800-708-9870 to discuss your needs.

We also offer free commercial flooring samples so you can see the quality of our flooring close up—request yours online today and see for yourself why Everlast® Epoxy flooring is the right choice for your food production facility.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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