Staff Presentation Hygienic Rules

Employees are the human faces of your company

Hygiene and staff presentation are key areas in facility management. Your employees are the human faces of your company, each one of them an ambassador promoting your brand. Staff with food-stained uniforms, poor personal hygiene, and shabby clothing only breed attitudes to match. At all times your staff should look crisp, clean, and ready to serve whomever steps into your facility.

If you are worried about reviews, the last thing you ever want to see is any of the following posted online:

  •        Things were great until a waiter walked past—he smelled so bad!
  •        He handed me my food, and his hands were absolutely filthy!
  •        I’ve never seen a receptionist with dirtier hair before. It was gross!

That is why you need to establish a “house rules” document for personal employee hygiene, and you need to lay down the law when it comes to upholding these standards at work.

Some examples of rules you may find useful are as follows:

  •        A daily shower is mandatory for food service professionals.
  •        Washing your hair daily and keeping fingernails clipped is essential.
  •        All clothing worn should be washed daily before being reused.
  •        Report symptoms of illness immediately.
  •        Report cuts, wounds, and injuries immediately.
  •        Regularly wash your hands before and after these conditions (smoking, refuse, etc.).
  •        Proper work clothing is to be worn at all times.
  •        No jewelry is to be worn with the uniform during food preparation.
  •        Wear gloves during certain types of procedures.
  •        Do not touch the inside of glasses in front of a customer.
  •        Always make sure that your hair is tied neatly behind your head.

The impression that your clients, customers, or patients get from your staff will determine whether they come back. Having a clean, neat team goes a long way in fostering positive attitudes, behaviors, and sentiments towards your general clientele.

When you put together your house rules document, try to involve your team in the process so that they are on board. This helps them understand the importance of practicing good hygiene and establishing good policy for the benefit of your company.

Many franchise outlets and larger chains do not maintain admirable standards of staff hygiene and cleanliness, and they suffer for it. You can exploit this weakness by ensuring that your team always looks the part. It makes for impressive review photos!

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