Specialist flooring for the fast-food industry

The fast-food industry relies on slick processes to ensure customers are served promptly, and every area of the restaurant—from the kitchen to the restrooms—plays a part in ensuring customers keep coming back.

Customers expect food preparation areas to be clean and sanitary, and seating areas to be attractive and safe. Choosing the right flooring in the fast-food industry can be a difficult task, as it needs to be hard-wearing, hygienic, and good-looking, which is a tall order for any floor.

If you are struggling to find specialist flooring for a fast-food restaurant, then read on to discover why Everlast® Epoxy should be your first choice for food-grade flooring.

Sanitary flooring for the fast-food industry

Hygienic flooring helps to maintain a healthy and clean working environment for employees and a pleasant, odor-free environment for your diners. 

Our flooring has an antibacterial component integrated through each layer, which prevents the harbor of any bacteria, allergens, or microorganisms and will protect your floor for many years to come.

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A seamless surface for floors and walls

Our flooring system can be applied to both walls and floors to create a seamless cove base that bonds to drains and conduits for an unbroken surface. This ensures liquids cannot seep into the substrate and cause damage or nasty odors, making it ideal for restrooms and commercial kitchens.

As there are no joins to contend with, there is nowhere for germs and debris to hide. Watch our waterproof flooring video to discover more about our self-contained epoxy floors.

Safe, slip-resistant flooring for busy kitchens

Our slip-resistant floors provide additional grip in busy kitchen environments where spills of fat, liquids, and food debris are unavoidable. In a fast-paced food preparation area, staff needs to feel safe, and a textured floor can help safeguard against slip and fall accidents.

Installing an antislip floor in the restaurant will also lower the risk of skids and injuries to your customers—a risk that could otherwise lead to visits from the health department or a costly lawsuit!

Temperature is not an issue for our floors

Most fast food is cooked at extremely high temperatures, meaning your floors are subjected to hot fat spillages on a daily basis. For your floor to perform in high heat conditions, it must absorb and transfer the heat. Everlast® Epoxy floors can repeatedly withstand temperatures of up to 158°F.

Our flooring is also a great choice for cold environments, such as chillers or walk-in freezers, because subzero temperatures have no effect on its performance.

Good-looking floors with no wear paths

When specifying flooring for the fast-food industry, wear resistance is an important consideration.  

Many fast-food outlets are operational 24/7 and are subject to heavy foot traffic, especially the areas surrounding the order kiosks and serving areas. 

Inferior resinous floors are usually bulked out with fillers or solvents and after a short time, wear paths begin to form, making your restaurant look and feel tired and unattractive.

Our floors have high resin content mixed with only the best-quality aggregates for flooring that resists wear and maintains its good looks for many years.

Speaking of good-looking floors, with a range of over fifty attractive shades to choose from, there is sure to be a shade to suit the branding of your fast-food chain.

Choose Everlast® Epoxy flooring for your fast-food business

Our Everlast® Epoxy fast-food flooring has been specifically designed for durability in busy working environments while providing a hygienic flooring surface.

We’re here to ensure that finding the right flooring for your business isn’t a costly or difficult task. Talk to our experts at (800) 708-9870, or contact us for guidance and support to ensure your fast-food flooring project is a success.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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