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The next time you step into a school or university – look down at the floor. Regardless of where you entered the building from, if that floor isn’t made of the proper material. It’s likely a Petri dish of bacteria and viruses waiting to spread from child to child. Even worse – if the epoxy sealant of the floor has lost its anti-bacterial coating as a result of heavy-foot traffic. Then it’s also lost it traction. The result is a germy surface, which not only aids the spread of illness, but encourages slips and falls.


Safety is a huge concern for teachers and administrators who want to keep all of their students healthy and free from injury. Schools and universities, especially, are in the critical position of needing durable floors that can protect against disease transmission and prevent accidents –given their high levels of foot traffic.

Everlast Epoxy Systems creates a thick and affordable proprietary epoxy-based flooring option called Everlast Floor. Durable, slip-resistant, and antimicrobial, Everlast Floor addresses each of the core needs facing educational institutions. Looking to improve the safety and function of its facilities – because where there are children, there will be accidents and germs.

Think of your high school locker room. It’s probably one of the most germ-ridden spots you encountered in your time there. Was the old flooring in both the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, cracked and dirty? You probably never looked closely at all the dirt, sweat, moisture, turf, and germs residing within its cracks and crevices. Chances are, that floor is still in need of a sanitary solution that can be  in quickly and with minimal disruption to after-school activities.

Every Everlast floor understands the need and is installed directly over the old floor. Which makes for a seamless transition from disease-ridden and stinky to clean, odourless, and environmentally friendly.

Did you know that athletes who play contact sports are more likely than anyone else to develop fungal infections in a school environment? In fact, “one study showed that 25% of high school athletes who play football and basketball developed furunculosis” as a result of unsanitary conditions.  Your old locker room—and many like it—will also require a floor that can provide an extra layer of sanitation to the room and prevent the spread of such common infections.


Everlast Floor contains an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive, layered throughout the floor material. Which disrupts the transmission of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Its patented, ultra-thick resins are slip-resistant and non-abrasive – in other words, optimal for showers and locker rooms which regularly come in contact with water. In other words, Everlast floors also excel at accident prevention.

While you may have avoided an accident during your high school years, the National Safety Council has found that “falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the United States, accounting for approximately 8.9 million visits to the emergency department.”

Everlast Floor solutions help dozens of schools and universities improve the environment. And prevent accidents among tens of thousands of children and students across the country. Washington University, Boston University, Belmont Academy and the University of Maryland are just a few campuses which have caught wise to the importance of protective flooring– not to mention the countless schools at the primary level. They simply can’t afford the alternative: Daily safety hazards to their students.

Children of all ages deserve to receive the best possible education from the schools and universities they attend. But more importantly, they deserve to be safe and healthy.


Everlast Floor offers long-term protection from a broad range of bacteria, fungi, and mildew, while also providing critical anti-slip traction. It’s time to leave Petri dishes to actual science classrooms, rather than letting contagions cultivate and spread across well-worn tile. It’s time to avoid preventable accidents and falls! Your students count on you to choose flooring that will protect them. Keep accidents to a minimum. Choose Everlast Floor.

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