Rubbing the Wrong Way: The Hidden Dangers of Rubber Safety Sheet Flooring

Rubber flooring may seem like the perfect fit. Yet on your kitchen floor it’s a recipe for disaster. Here’s why.

Most rubber flooring is non-porous and durable. A popular choice for flooring, sealing and waterproofing, it’s marketed as the safer, less expensive choice. But beware of the hidden costs. Rubber, PVC, vinyl and other sheeting materials will not naturally adhere to a concrete floor. So they’re bought in sheets and cut to fit around corners, drains, stoves, and counters. The sheets are then glued to the substrate and welded together. Your floor is now covered in seamless layer of material. You’re good to go, right?

Not so fast

In a food prep area, subjected to grease spills, heat fluctuations, and high traffic, a welded seam will loosen or disintegrate completely. Shoddy installation near drains and other protrusions may also disrupt the seam, creating gaps. These gaps are convenient pockets for water, food, and bacteria to accumulate and dissolve the adhesive (often nothing fancier than plastic glue) between the concrete and the flooring. Pests set up shop in these spaces and can be impossible to get rid of. Without intervention it only gets worse. “My kitchen smelled like a sewer,” recounts one customer. “You could hardly smell the cooking food.” We had another client squirt slime all over her floor every time she stepped on a broken seam.  “I hated being in my own kitchen,” she said. “I was so ashamed.”

Your floor should be a one-time investment

Your floor should be a one-time investment

That kind of nightmare can cost you. It’s unattractive, unsanitary and unsafe. You may find yourself tearing up your old sheets to put in new ones, only to have to do it again in as little as two years. Some restaurants even put spanking new flooring on top of the old sheets!  Completely unacceptable. Your floor should be a one-time investment, not a recurring cost. And it definitely shouldn’t put your customers at risk.

So what’s the solution? Well, you’re looking at it. The Epoxy Everlast Floor is a 100% non-porous, seamless, waterproof flooring which adheres to almost every surface.This revolutionary design creates an impermeable barrier between your floor and your worst kitchen disasters. It’s easy to clean- all you need is soap and water. Dirt and microbes have nowhere to burrow in and multiply. No cracks, no chips, no flakes, no holes. It traps no unsavory odors. It saves money, time, and can last a lifetime.

Rubber safety sheets

The Everlast Floor

Recent studies have shown that commercial rubber safety floors are a breeding ground for bacteria. No need to worry! The Everlast Floor is formulated with an FDA approved ingredient that slows the growth of harmful organisms and odors while remaining completely non-toxic and safe. Our floors handle heavy equipment and high stress with ease. They’re good as new after years of use. And if you’re concerned with the cost of re-flooring your whole business, don’t be. Epoxy Floors are easy to install; sometimes you don’t even need to rip out your old flooring. See how easy Everlast Epoxy flooring is to install here.

Everlast floor can go over existing floors

Keep your floors protected and pretty by choosing from our wide selection of colors, as well as logos and designs can be created into the floor.

Seduced by sleazy flooring companies looking to make a quick buck, most business owners aren’t aware of the benefits of an Everlast Floor. But you can save yourself the pain and the expense by ordering one now. We aren’t going anywhere, but don’t wait, either! Call us at 1-(800) 708-9870 or click here to get your Epoxy Floor now.


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