Review Of An Everlast Epoxy Floor That They Installed Themselves – 5 Years Later

Everlast Epoxy Floor

5 years after the Everlast Epoxy floor was installed. We asked Brian Roy with SIM International how their flooring was holding up. He told us that it:

  1.  5 years on, no wear and tear, and also he doesn’t think they’ll ever have to replace it
  2.  Is easy to clean
  3.  They installed it themselves (challenging, but doable)
  4.  Slip-resistant, He also remembered that there was lots of colors to choose from.

Easy Installation

Everlast® Epoxy Floor can be installed by a flooring contractor or a motivated do-it-yourselfer who can use a finish trowel. As well as no special equipment needed. Tools required are finish trowels and a 1/2 horse mixing drill. Call us at (800) 708-9870 to request detailed instructions. Professional epoxy flooring installation services are also available through our network of dealers located throughout the continental USA.

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