Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Options: How Prohibition Kitchen Solved Their Floor Problem

How Prohibition Kitchen Solved Their Floor Problem

When it comes to successful restaurant owners, there is no doubting their passion. The amount of thought and detail that goes into everything is astonishing. From the food they serve with pride, the restaurant kitchen flooring, to the decor that creates the atmosphere… everything is thought through. But what if things don’t work out like you hoped for?

Tom Sheltra is one passionate Restaurateur. No ifs, ands, or buts.

His trendy restaurant, Prohibition Kitchen, will teleport you back a hundred years!

  • Original tin ceilings.
  • Edison-inspired pipe lighting.
  • Live music entertainment during dinner and after.
  • Seating areas that make you feel like you’re in the roaring 20’s… except you can have a drink without breaking the law!

Simply beautiful!


As any restaurant owner knows, there are challenges that come up every day.

For Tom, his problem area was his concrete floor.

When renovating the place, time constraints forced him to do the best he could with the restaurant flooring materials he had, coating over 6000 sqft.

But there was a slight problem…

… his kitchen floor didn’t have proper drainage slopes. Every time the floor was mopped or liquid was spilled onto the floor, it would start to pool in corners and underneath heavy equipment.

Imagine having to move your prep tables, stoves, and fridges at the end of every shift just to mop! Not fun…

But, of course, it had to be done. A restaurant is only as good as the cleanliness of its kitchen. You don’t want your food to become contaminated… or a Health Inspector finding a reason to issue you a warning!

Restaurant Floors Are High-Impact Areas. 

With food constantly dropping onto the floor, liquids spilling, and the need to mop it up after every shift, takes a toll on any floor.

Eventually, the material will start to wear and tear, with some materials giving up after only a few years.

Being the entrepreneur that he is, Tom realized that he needed a better solution to meet his restaurant kitchen flooring requirements.

And, unfortunately, he is not alone.

Here at Everlast® Epoxy, we see this too often. Many concrete slabs lack proper drainage slopes and in a busy kitchen environment, this will create a number of issues;

  • Water will pool in hard-to-reach places like the corners, underneath heavy equipment, and even where the chefs are working! Imagine working in wet shoes for the entire shift. I’m not sure my morale would be too high if this was a daily occurrence.
  • If the water is not cleaned up, it can start breeding bacteria. I don’t need to tell you that you don’t want this happening underneath your fridge or stove…
  • The flooring material can become damaged due to constant moisture exposure. Once you have exposed concrete, the problem will only get worse.

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Flooring Material Designed For The Toughest Environments With Strict Safety And Health Requirements.

As for results, Tom is the best person to share his experience with Everlast® Epoxy.

“Even though the floor is 6 months old, it still looks like it’s brand new.

Their certified installation crew came in and solve four of the main problems for this mom & pop restaurant.

  • Lack of drainage
  • Continued beauty
  • Non-skid surface
  • The ability to mop without worrying about the edges collecting water

In my opinion, having been a contractor in a previous life, I would recommend the Everlast® Epoxy product as probably the premier flooring application over concrete that I’ve ever seen and I stand by it 100%”

Is Your Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Causing You Problems?

Whether you have a concrete floor, tiles, or rubber mats… chances are you might have a growing concern about the quality of your floor and whether it’s breeding a nest of nasty bugs!

I make this assumption because not a day goes by when we don’t talk to a Restaurant Manager like yourself.

With Everlast® Epoxy floors, our certified contractors make sure that uneven floors become level. And where drainage slopes are needed, they simply create them with our durable epoxy flooring underlayment material. (This is not standard with every installation, this is an additional service that some of our certified installers offer. Be sure to inquire about it.)

So give us a call today at 800-708-9870 or contact us at and one of our friendly floor experts will answer any questions you might have for finding the best commercial kitchen flooring options for your restaurant.

We know that you love your restaurant and you want what is best for it.

We want that as well… even if it means recommending you go to a competitor (which seldom happens because of our wide selection of options for most conditions and our ability to customize material orders).

Want to talk money? We’ll provide you with a quote so you’ll know your commercial kitchen flooring cost.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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