Recycled Glass Epoxy Flooring for Leed Credits

LEED the fun with recycled glass epoxy flooring

The epoxy flooring has been a touchy subject for the LEED family’s recycled glass business. When it came to running their business, the LEED family was known for being extra cautious with their money. It’s not that they were broke or even all that stingy, but rather that they valued their money so highly that they strove to ensure that it never went to waste. As such, it was hard for them not to treat everything they bought like it was made of glass. It didn’t matter if the thing in question was a $1 mug or the concrete walkway leading to the front entrance; it all bore equal potential to suffer a catastrophic, money-leaking break.

The thing with owning a business though is that success relies on the presence of customers. So try as they might to protect each of their investments with the fierceness of a swan watching over its hatchlings, they always found themselves at their customers’ mercy.

Worse-suffering were the poor floors. They took damage in every form it came, from spills to stroller wheels, to high heels, and even to a small fire after an incident involving a birthday cake. Eventually, the LEED family grudgingly accepted that there was little they could do to protect them from the kind of damage that they were taking. Between cracks, decomposition, corrosion, and the signs of heavy foot traffic, they found themselves cycling through floors every 5-10 years. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another, and another, and – well, you get the point. Until they discovered Everlast Epoxy Eco Recycled Glass Epoxy Flooring not only did it pique their interest with its strength, its cleanness, and its intriguing attractiveness, it was also environmentally friendly. And hey, they got a good laugh out of one of its components: recycled glass chips.

After years and years of caution, it seemed only fitting that they christen it the hard way.

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