Public Bath House at Marina

The Founders’ Park Marina Bath Village is a small but important building serving the public for Village of Islamorada Founders Park and PYH Marina. The building provides public restrooms for an adjacent amphitheater in the park, as well as offering facilities for boaters who are renting ships in the marina. The 1,200 squarefoot building has restrooms, shower and bath facilities, and a laundry room.

The project was opened in 2008. We spoke to Daryle Osborn P.E., principal of Keys Engineering, about this project.

Q: What was your goal with the design of this building? DO: We wanted it to be damage-proof and very easy to maintain. It was designed to be cleanable. The toilets are all wall hung, and the epoxy floor doesn’t have any joints to catch dirt. The building has metal roofing on wood trusses. The exterior is CBS (concrete block stucco) walls, and the interior walls are Durock instead of drywall. So the whole building is almost fortress-like.

Q: Why did you choose Everlast Epoxy floor? DO: The main reason was for cleanliness. This is a public bathroom, and we wanted it to be cleanable and low-maintenance. We also liked the skid-resistance of an epoxy floor. There’s another swimming pool facility nearby with just a brushed concrete floor, and that really holds on to unpleasant odors after a while, so we really pushed to have the Everlast Epoxy floor here, to keep this a nice facility.

Q: What are the sustainable design features of the building? DO: There’s no air conditioning, although this building is in the Florida Keys. It’s passively ventilated and cooled. There are lovers for ventilation in the cupola on top, so that it can vent out the hot, humid air. There are also fans with temperature and humidity sensors that help draw the warm air out.

Q: Did Everlast Floor offer the selection you needed? DO: There is a good range of color selection for us. We also liked being able to specify the texture we wanted.

Q: Has Everlast Floor met your maintenance expectations so far? DO: They are able to just hose it down with a pressure washer. The owner says there are no maintenance issues. We’ve been happy with it.

Q: What is your overall impression of Everlast Epoxy? DO: I first got the recommendation about using Everlast Epoxy floor from an architect in New York City, and I would recommend it to others, too.

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