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New restaurant goes green in more ways than one with poured flooring

When Louie and Laurie Vanderbilt decided to start up a small restaurant with a focus on healthy eating and supporting local farms and industries. They knew they needed to find a durable, poured flooring option that was environmentally friendly.

But there was another factor that Laurie was also concerned with—color. As it turned out, not only was going “green” a value that Louie and Laurie shared with their customers. Green also happened to be Laurie’s favorite color!

It wasn’t long before this started to seem like a conflict;Louie was searching online, going through spec sheets and trying to figure out which poured flooring option was the most ecologically responsible one for them to choose. Laurie seemed preoccupied with finding the perfect shade of green.

As she thumbed through catalogs looking at all of her favorite greens—lime, rainforest, shamrock, and avocado—Louie worried about all the dyes, paints, and toxins these floors might contain. And what about all the ozone depleting solvents he’d read so much about?

Not only that, but Louie had other “environmentally friendly restaurant” concerns on his mind too. Would whichever “beautiful” floor Laurie wanted end up being a breeding ground for dirt, grime, stains and crumbs—forcing them to waste untold amounts of water and soap trying to clean up several times per day?

And what about the installation process—Louie pictured buckets of synthetic chemicals polluting his beautiful restaurant and the environment. He was about to do a face palm over the whole situation…when Laurie came running over to show him her dream restaurant floor. Luckily, it was an Everlast Floor.

At first, Louie was petrified, thinking that Everlast Floor was just like the rest. But he quickly breathed a sigh of relief when he found out that Everlast Floor was truly environmentally friendly. Id had with no solvents, less waste during installation than comparable flooring options, and less water consumption needed during daily cleanups.

As a bonus, Everlast Floor would keep bugs out of the restaurant. So Louie and Laurie could also avoid the excess use of environmentally harmful pesticides. Win-win!

And to keep Laurie happy, Everlast Floor was available in the most beautiful shade of Eco-Green her eyes had ever seen. It was truly love at first sight! (And Louie was so relieved, he wasn’t even jealous.)

It’s been two years since their grand opening, and their new restaurant still feels as fresh as a spring day – and every bit as green.

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