Poor Building Maintenance Pitfalls


There is an impact or consequence for your facility if you wrongly believe that poor building maintenance pitfalls are “okay.” In fact, the repercussions of that opinion are probably what led you to conduct more research into the subject. Your facility is underperforming, and it is causing serious trouble for your brand.

When your facility gets it wrong, the repercussions are real:

Here are six potential pitfalls of poor maintenance:

  •        Customers will decide not to visit your establishment ever again, and they will make a conscious mental note to tell people that they know to avoid your business.
  •        If your customers had a bad enough experience, they will take photographs of the carnage and post it on public social media networks, where it stands a chance of going viral. Thousands of people will see it, further promoting how bad your business is, and you will gradually lose business as this opinion spreads.
  •        There are real costs to neglecting the adequate maintenance and cleanliness of your facility, including machinery and equipment breaking down after months or even years of not working at full capacity. You might be busy, but your output is greatly reduced—forcing you to lose customers and money with every passing day.
  •        Your cleaning and maintenance staff could be doing an ineffective job, which costs you money for something that is not being done correctly. When people see lazy staff mopping the floors with dirty water, they do not think highly of your company.
  •        Productivity will gradually drop as the environment becomes an unpleasant place to work in. This is even true if you are making regular staff members clean instead of having a cleaning and maintenance team. It is not their job to maintain your facility, and you will lose money because of that oversight.

There are repercussions far beyond this, including subjecting your staff to poor air quality for example, which could promote illness and fatigue. When things are not clean and tidy, you will actively make customers and staff ill all the time.

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