Oscar and his not so moisture resistant flooring make him embarassed to visit the neighbors

Oscar used to pride himself in running his restaurant to be cost-efficient. He had all the best in space saving, energy saving, time saving, and hassle saving equipment. His cooking and wait staff got big training about it. –  To the point where they could perform their work blind. And he even had inexpensive moisture resistant flooring installed!

What a go-getter, right?

Except he made a single critical error: He bought the industry standard epoxy floor coating. He trusted that all epoxies on the market could make moisture resistant flooring.  It never crossed his mind to look deeper than the surface. Or to ask the hows and whys of the way his floors would work to protect not only themselves, but his investment.

As the years went by, his floors were subjected to all manners of spills. Hot liquids and cold ones; heavy duty cleaners; juices and sauces, vinegars and oils, carbonated drinks and water. Not to mention the kitchen equipment that seemed to always be dripping. Each one of these things watered down the strength of his flooring. Over the months cracks started to form and the floor began to leak.

Its surface was eaten away, and seams were breached. Before Oscar even realized there was a problem, the moisture had spread beyond the floor and into the walls and the ceiling below.

It was the beginning of the end.cracks started to be formed. It seemed that when his chef was away, that someone would drip a heavy thing on his floor and another crack was born.

Though Oscar had expected a lifetime of worry-free kitchen drips, what he got was a huge bill from the business downstairs. And a lingering reputation as that one restaurant guy who couldn’t keep his icky food juices to himself.

How to be sure the moisture resistant flooring you plan to purchase will be waterproof in 3 years from now:

Before you go and invest in an epoxy moisture resistant flooring, be sure it has the resin content and flexibility needed to stop water from getting through for the long haul, as does Everlast Epoxy Flooring.

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