Oh The Cleanup, Will They Ever Get to Enjoy Their New Floor?

It started out as a happy story. A well-loved floor was spared the indignity of its ever-expanding wear patterns and retired with honor, while a brand new floor was being brought in to bear its old burdens. Though a simple decision, it nevertheless brightened the owners’ futures with thoughts of a new splash of color, a few modern tweaks in favor of durability, and the absence of pitting, cracks, and ugly spots that attracted foot traffic like lamplight lures in moths.

But partway through the installation process a massive mess descended upon them, and with it came more waste than they’d thought possible. By the end of the job the room had become so cluttered that they could barely see the floor, never mind bask in the glory of its newness.

Then it hit them: They were facing an intensive cleaning process the likes of which they’d never seen. Within an hour they’d washed away the last remaining vestiges of their new floor adrenaline and were left to grapple with cardboard paper cuts and the discovery that their new laminate flooring doesn’t play too nicely with water.

By the time everything was cleaned away, the sun had set and not a single person could escape the heavy feeling of soreness and exhaustion settling in their bodies. Each one left with the same thought circulating their minds: “I am never doing that again.”

Though on the plus side, at least it’s fair to assume that their old floors had a quiet day enjoying their new, trample-free life. Maybe next time they’ll consider an Everlast Epoxy floor. With very little installation waste and easy soap-and-water cleanup comes more time for everyone to sit back and admire their beautifully renovated business. Unfortunately for them “next time” may come all too soon as the water has already began warping their new laminate floor.

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