“It’s Dirt—I Think…” What to look for on YOUR floors

We’ve all heard it and said it—“it’s just dirt…I think…” You look down and your floors look dull and, maybe, a little grimey. But a good, deep clean should do the trick. Because, again, it’s just dirt.


Maybe—or maybe not. Floors take a beating, especially in businesses and other commercial spaces. Between the constant foot traffic, the dirt, grime and bacteria that comes with that foot traffic (ahem, the bottoms of your shoes…) and the spills, slips, drops and general messes that happen from time to time, commercial floors see it all—and that can leave them looking worse for the wear.

The bigger challenge, though? Assuming it’s “just dirt.” Because, the more you treat not dirt like dirt, the longer it’s going to hang on—and, potentially, the worse it’s going to be in the long-term.

So if it’s not dirt, what is it? These common culprits can masquerade as dirt, especially on floors and other surfaces.

  • Mold—mold can often look dark or even black, making it easy to mistake with dirt
  • Fungus—like mold, fungus can appear in dark, gray or even red patches
  • Yeast—yeast growths can also be dark (or red or tan) and appear in spotty “colonies” on and around your floor surface
  • Wear and tear—while you probably can’t clean it, general wear and tear sometimes looks like dirt at first glance

Once you’ve identified what’s wrong with your floors—if it’s dirt or not—it’s easier to come up with a plan of attack. While some disinfectants will kill the growths, others require increased ventilation or targeted treatments. Treating growths like dirt might temporarily solve the problem but, soon enough, those patches will come back with a vengeance.

The alternative? Everlast® Epoxy floors are made with an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive that restricts microorganism growth. This additive in integrated with the epoxy itself versus applied to floor surfaces. The end result? Floors have long-term protection from a broad range of fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes, yeast, and mildew. So you won’t have to wonder is it dirt? You’ll just know it is—and, with a quick detergent-and-water clean, you’ll be good to go. Get in touch to learn more.

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