Industries that benefit from epoxy resin for walls

Epoxy resin provides a seamless, nonporous flooring surface that is designed to be long-lasting. But did you know it is also suitable for walls in rooms where moisture can be an issue?

Many types of establishment rely on a durable, water-resistant coating to protect their walls from moisture damage. In the case of Everlast® Epoxy, the trowelable nature of epoxy resin means it can be applied as high up the wall as needed to provide a waterproof and sanitary surface.

An epoxy wall covering will also provide a durable surface that resists scuffs and scratches and continues to look great for many years.

Here are some of the key industries that can benefit from using epoxy resin on walls as well as floors:

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Commercial kitchens and food preparation areas

Everlast® Epoxy resin for walls is hard-wearing and resistant to moisture and bacteria, making it an ideal choice for any area in which food is handled or prepared.

Commercial kitchens are often filled with steam, which walls can absorb, thus causing the paint to flake and peel or tiles to crack. The nonporous properties of epoxy resin do not allow water to penetrate, which keeps the walls protected against dampness and damage. Any moisture can be wiped away or allowed to run down the seamless walls to the epoxy floor and into the drains.

Food storage is also a key consideration in a commercial kitchen—poultry and meat can spread pathogens if they are stored against a wall or fall on the floor. The integral EPA-registered antimicrobial component in Everlast® Epoxy products impede the growth of microorganisms and protect floors and walls from bacteria while repelling bad odors.

Medical facilities, hospitals, and surgical rooms

All medical facilities can benefit from epoxy resin–protected walls and floors. As with the food industry, hospitals must also meet stringent hygienic standards—and epoxy resin can help to minimize bacterial contamination on the floors and walls.

The surfaces are easy to keep clean and disinfect as they can withstand exposure to the harshest of detergents to keep the environment hygienic for the vulnerable patients on the wards.

Blood, water, and body fluids will not absorb into the surface and can be directed to the drainage systems with ease. Because epoxy surfaces are easy to maintain and antislip, it is a safer choice for hospital staff and patients.

Swimming pools, gyms, and locker rooms

Any area that is exposed to high levels of moisture or water will benefit from epoxy walls and floors. The leisure industry uses epoxy resin to protect constantly wet areas—as it bonds to a watertight seal so moisture cannot get under the surface to damage any electric and plumbing facilities underneath.

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep public spaces sanitized. Epoxy resin is easy to maintain and can be pressure washed for a deeper clean—an Everlast® Epoxy resin can withstand temperatures of up to 158°F, making it suitable for steam cleaning too.

Warehouses and factories

In an environment in which machinery is operating, the walls must be tough enough to withstand the abrasions and knocks that will invariably happen.

The solvent-free and highly durable epoxy resin can be troweled across the floor and as high up the walls as needed to provide a protective surface against high foot and vehicle traffic, including heavy machinery and forklift trucks.

Everlast® Epoxy can be applied to the walls of industrial facilities to provide a hard-wearing surface that can cope with the demands of a busy factory and yet still look good years down the line.

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All industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities can benefit from using epoxy resin on their facility walls. It protects against bacteria, resists impact, and provides a durable and fully waterproof finish.

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