In Love With Their Public Restroom Epoxy Flooring

In love with their public restroom epoxy flooring

While most of the rooms in the large, 1920s office center on Main Street were stunning in their embrace of the building’s original architecture and design, the public restroom epoxy flooring in the bathrooms were showing their years in a way that was far less quaint.

When it was announced they would all be undergoing complete renovations from fixtures to flooring, people were mildly pleased. Sure, they’d miss the antique faucets but the public restroom epoxy floors had developed so much pitting and so many wear patterns over the years that the bathroom proved incapable of looking clean despite the staff’s best efforts.

Still, a bathroom is just a bathroom and life continued on at the office building as though nothing was about to change.

The thing is, sometimes people just don’t know that something’s been missing from their lives until it falls into their laps. There’s a saying that goes along with that: You can’t help who you fall in love with, except in this case, it’s not a “who” but a “what”.

By closing time on the day of the big unveiling, each and every person who worked in that building, from CEOs to the janitorial staff, found themselves taken aback by how fantastic the new bathrooms looked. The public restroom epoxy flooring in particular was breathtaking. There was a shine to them, and a sparkle of color. They looked wonderfully pure, pristine and clean. The smooth, seamless way they rose up the walls really brought everything together, giving it all a sense of unity that was striking in a way they never expected. Click here to upgrade your public restroom epoxy flooring.

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