(If there were a) Gorgeous Kitchens Magazine (It would) Showcase Everlast Epoxy Flooring

When the staff at Italian Joe’s restaurant heard that Gorgeous Kitchens Magazine was interested in running a seven page piece on their kitchen, they couldn’t wait to show it off: the stainless steel cookware, the freshly painted walls, the brick splashes, the elegant lighting, everything.

Yet when all the magazine could focus on was the smoothness, the cleanness, and the seamlessness of the beautiful Everlast Epoxy flooring beneath all that top-of-the line equipment, those same staff members found that they had never felt more proud of their restaurant.

Between food spills, heat, and massive traffic, commercial kitchen floors have it rough. But that’s never to say it’s all right for them to look rough. And if you can take yours from being purely functional to having form and flair too, well, that’s truly something of magazine-worthy beauty.

If you have a real restaurant, and want a floor that stays beautiful enough to be featured in a real magazine, then you need Everlast Epoxy flooring available at www.everlastepoxy.com

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