How we made floor cleaning ‘a breeze’ at Katiepie Country Kitchen

Kate Vacca has been involved in the restaurant industry for over four decades and has worked in many beautiful kitchens. 

When Kate told us that her new epoxy kitchen flooring at Katiepie & Sons Country Kitchen in Columbia, TN, was the best she’d ever seen, we were curious to discover more about her experience with the Everlast Epoxy team.

The Problem:

Kitchen floors can be hard work to maintain, and Kate was looking for a floor that could be easily cleaned and stand up to the rigors of a busy shift with minimal maintenance.

Katiepie’s previous floor was hard to keep clean and required a lot of water and elbow grease. The excess water caused the floor to lift and crack, posing a potential hazard for her staff, plus a wet floor can be very slippery, making trips and falls more likely.  

Kate was looking for a replacement floor that would help protect her kitchen staff and make maintenance and cleaning as easy as possible - because who wants to scrub floors after their shift finishes?

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The Solution:

Kate found our website online and liked that we had an office in Tennessee, where she could speak to our team directly to share her flooring challenges and find the right solutions. 

After a consultation with our flooring experts, Kate decided that Everlast Epoxy commercial kitchen floors were ideal for Katiepie’s food preparation areas. “The team answered all my questions and made my decision easy,” she said.

One of Kate’s key considerations was for a safe surface for her team, and our textured floors are designed using small marble chips for a coarse, yet non-abrasive, finish. The textured surface adds grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls - an important feature for anyone who operates in a restaurant kitchen.

In areas where the floor is often wet or greasy, we include a non-slip additive in the top coat to maintain grip and keep staff safely on their feet.

Our flooring has also solved Kate’s cleaning and maintenance challenges, as all our surfaces need is hot water, detergent, and a squeegee to keep them in great condition. The staff has more time to focus on the delicious menu, as they are no longer required to scrub or buff floors, improving morale and meeting high hygiene standards.

Kate told us, “It’s only been a couple of months since we opened with the new Everlast floor - and cleaning it has been a breeze!”

Kate mentioned to our team that the use of water on her previous floor has caused the surface to lift and peel, but thanks to the water-tight, seamless surface of an Everlast Floor, this issue has been solved. 

A non-porous floor stops dirt, grime, oil, and water from seeping through to the substrate and causing damage and nasty odors. To further protect the flooring we integrate an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive throughout the resin to restrict the spread of bacteria and microorganisms for a healthier kitchen environment.

Kate was also delighted with how good-looking the finished floor was, saying: “The color is awesome, who’d have thought there would be so many colors to choose from… I’d love to put this in my house!”

“It’s a great product. I really enjoyed working with everyone at Everlast Flooring. It was perfect and the best choice I could have made for our new kitchen floor.”

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

About Katiepie & Sons Country Kitchen

Katiepie & Sons Country Kitchen is an authentic diner-style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in Columbia, TN.

The family-run diner prides itself on its strong values and a menu of classic dishes such as lasagna, meatloaf and the best short-stack pancakes in Maury County.

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