How-To Clean An Oven Like a Pro

Four Steps To Cleaning An Oven

Lack of regular cleaning exposes your staff to harmful chemicals or bacteria that may be lurking in the nooks and crannies unseen. How exactly do you clean an oven from top to bottom?

Expected time: 1 hour

Step 1: Identify your type of oven (convection, electric, gas, self-cleaning, microwave).

Step 2: Create a list of cleaning materials you will need to use.

Step 3: Remove all grates, shelves, racks, and steel pans from inside.

Step 4: Perform a deep clean.

Step 1: Identify Your Oven Type

The first step is to identify your type of oven. Contrary to popular belief, different ovens require different styles of cleaning and specific types of cleaning materials—at least if you want your ovens to last longer, perform at better levels, and still look good after five years.

Find out what kind of ovens you have so that when you compile your shopping list of cleaning goods, you are taking your staff, customers, and oven longevity into account.

Step 2: The List

Create a set list of cleaning products that you will need to clean your ovens regularly. Calculate how much product you will need along with the time required after testing, and set aside a budget, stock ordering, and the time required to make it happen like clockwork.

Convection Oven Dedicated oven cleaning products, foaming solutions
Gas Oven Soap and water or oven cleaning products
Electric Oven Dedicated oven cleaning products, foaming solutions
Self-Cleaning Oven Follow manufacturer’s instructions only
Microwave Oven Soap and water
Glass Tops Multipurpose cleaner, soap and water
Racks and Pans Multipurpose cleaner, soap and water

Step 3: Removal and Preparation

Place all racks and pans into hot soapy water, and leave it there to soak for 20 minutes, returning to wash them clean. Prepare your oven by removing all food residue before cleaning.

Step 4: Deep Cleaning and Timing

For a deep clean, time your staff running through this process. First apply oven cleaner to the sides, the door panel, and bottom of the oven. Use a stiff brush to spread it evenly, and leave it to soak in for 30 minutes. Return and scrub the entire area clean.

Do not scrub the elements or fans. Then wash the solution off with soap and water and wipe it clean. Oven tops benefit from light soap and water cleaning with a sponge.

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