How to choose the best flooring for a grocery store

Finding the best flooring for a grocery store or supermarket can prove challenging. Busy food stores need to provide a clean, safe and durable surface for shoppers - but how do you know the floor you select is going to be long-lasting, reliable, and cost-effective?

Everlast® Epoxy offers high-quality industrial flooring options that can withstand daily foot traffic while enhancing the customer experience and maintaining a safe, pleasant environment.

Robust, seamless grocery store flooring

Store owners are continually aiming to attract new customers to their premises - and this means the floor needs to cope with heavy foot traffic, scuffs from shopping carts, product spills, and the weight of retail shelving and freezers.

The busy concourse and aisles are often the first areas of the floor to show signs of wear and tear, leaving your store looking drab and neglected. Along with unsightly wear paths, a scuffed or damaged surface provides a welcome haven for microorganisms.

Everlast® Epoxy is a custom-formulated system that becomes part of the substrate - so even on your busiest days wear and tear will not be an issue.  And as we all know that accidents can happen, our resin floors are all self-contained and seamless, so mess from dropped wine bottles and spilled milk cartons can simply be wiped away with ease.

Lots of flooring manufacturers claim their floors are non-porous, but many only include a thin film of a waterproof sealant as a top coat.  Once this has worn away, your floor will absorb fluids allowing germs to breed and bad odors to linger, so be sure to check that the floor you choose is impervious from surface to substrate.

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Checkout the checkouts!

In a busy store, a queue often forms at the checkouts, so this is an ideal location for durable, yet decorative flooring to impress your customers while they wait in line. Our expert installers can even incorporate branding, logos, and designs into the floor to make your store stand out against the competition.

Everlast floors are available in a range of over fifty colors - there is even a vibrant yellow that is ideal for marking out queue paths to help keep customers flowing smoothly through the checkouts.

Restrooms and cafes are catered for too

Many grocery stores have enhanced the customer experience with the inclusion of restrooms, coffee shops, and cafes.

Our floors are designed to cope with spills of fats and grease in the food preparation areas, the heat from commercial ovens, and the sub-zero temperatures of walk-freezers and coolers. In fact, our surfaces can regularly stand up to temperatures ranging from 158° F to below freezing without any degradation.

In restrooms, where harsh chemicals and detergents are used to keep the facilities hygienically clean, our epoxy flooring has proven chemical resistance to urine, de-greasers, and cleaning agents.

All our floors are extensively tested with submersion in a multitude of chemicals for a full week to ensure there is no pitting or erosion. Find the full list of chemicals here.

Sanitary floors across your store

Keeping your grocery store clean and sanitary is your number one priority. No one wants to buy their groceries from a dirty store - and no shop owner wants an unwelcome visit from the health inspector.

With a powerful EPA-registered antimicrobial component locked into every layer of our floors, you can feel confident that your grocery store surfaces are protected from a myriad of bacteria, fungus, mildew, insects, and microorganisms that could cause your floors to fail.

Did you know that floors have the highest exposure to microbes when compared with any other area of your facility? Combat odors and bacteria with our Everlast® Floorcare System, which is tough with grease, oils, and sugars yet gentle enough to not damage or react with your floor.

When considering the best flooring for a grocery floor, also look for a surface that needs minimal maintenance - our floors never require buffing or polishing to keep them looking good, which means your janitorial team can be more productive in other areas of their duties

Safety first for shoppers

Customers will track dirt and debris into your store - especially on a rainy day - and wet floors are slippery. To help to protect against slips and falls, we’ve incorporated small marble chips into our epoxy resin, designed to add texture to the floor.  

This sandpaper-like finish will provide additional grip and help to keep your shoppers safe - and could prevent a costly lawsuit too!

Choose the best flooring for your grocery store

If you’re looking to install or replace a failed floor in a grocery store then speak to the experts at Everlast® Epoxy at (800) 708 9870.

Our commercial flooring is waterproof, sanitary, easy to install, and designed to keep your staff and customers safe while they navigate your grocery store with ease.

Discover the full range of grocery store flooring options by contacting us or requesting your FREE flooring sample today.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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