How our seamless epoxy flooring created a sanitary, safe environment for Animal Medical Professionals veterinary clinic


The United States is a nation of animal lovers, with 70% of households* owning a pet and wanting the very best for them should they need to visit a veterinary clinic.

A safe and sanitary veterinary clinic starts from the floor up, so when we were contacted by the dedicated team at Animal Medical Professionals (AMP) in Tennessee, we were keen to demonstrate how an Everlast Epoxy resin floor would benefit their clinic.

Read our latest case study to discover how the installation of our seamless, non-porous resin floor created a warm, welcoming environment for both animals - and their caring owners.

The Problem:

The previous flooring at AMP was finished concrete, and the team admitted that while they liked the look of the floor, it had started to peel and crack. The gaps that were beginning to appear on the surface provided the perfect place for dirt, debris, and bacteria to hide.

The cracks also caused further issues as the surface was no longer watertight - allowing liquids to seep into the substrate and the baseboards.

Aside from the structural issues caused by a failing concrete floor, a cracked and peeling surface will not create the warm, welcoming impression that the staff at AMP pride themselves on.  It was time to address the problem and invest in a new, seamless, non-porous surface that met all the demands of a busy animal care facility.

Durability was also a key concern for AMP, as paws, claws, and constant foot traffic can cause wear paths to form on some surfaces. 

Our floors are laid to a depth of 160mm - unlike many other resin floors which are just 60mm deep, meaning our thick, flexible system met the brief of withstanding daily abuse without looking worn or tired.

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The Solution:

During our initial consultation with the AMP team, it became very apparent that their key requirement for the new flooring installation was a sealed floor without any cracks or crevices.

When pets are poorly or feeling nervous, little accidents can happen, but a watertight floor allows for any liquids to be cleaned without seeping into the substrate. Our continuous surface was the ideal solution to replace the failing concrete floor.

Another advantage for the AMP team was that Everlast resin floors are formulated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial component to inhibit the growth of bacteria and protect the flooring from the spread of microbes.

Emily Daniel of Animal Medical Professionals commented: “We chose an Everlast Epoxy resin floor, as we required a waterproof, sealed and durable floor - and after installation we know we’d made the right choice.”

Our new floor is just what we needed and I would have no hesitation in using the experts at Everlast Epoxy for future projects.”

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About Animal Medical Professionals

Animal Medical Professionals (AMP) of Ooltewah is located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. AMP is the only full-service and AAHA-accredited small animal preventative, medical, surgical and medical boarding facility in Ooltewah.

The company strives to provide the area’s most advanced pet health care, with a compassionate and relaxing environment for both patients and their families.

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