How fast-cure epoxy flooring can benefit different industries

One of the most common reasons we hear for not addressing the issue of a failing floor is the long downtime period required for replacing and installing a new flooring solution.

We understand that most flooring projects undertaken across all industries are usually subject to time constraints. Closing your facility to replace a failed floor will cost time and money—so, understandably, downtime is something that organizations want to avoid at all costs.

If you have a floor in need of replacement but are worried about the effects that installing a new floor will have on your facility, then we’re here to offer a solution.

Our fast-cure epoxy flooring is a one-step resin application that is ready for foot traffic in just six hours. Here is how Everlast® Epoxy Overnight (Fast Cure) Floor reduces downtime and business closures for facilities across the United States.

Fast-cure commercial kitchens

A failed flooring system in a commercial kitchen causes major disruption. In facilities such as a residential homes, shutting down the food preparation area to attend to a failed floor is not an option when elderly, sick, or vulnerable people need regular, nutritious meals.

The impact of closing down any commercial kitchen or restaurant also means that ingredients and food products could go to waste, adding more financial burden to the business on top of the cost of repairs. 

There is also the added problem of ensuring that any replacement floor can withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen, where oils, fats, and hot liquids may be spilled, which can make finding a suitable flooring surface even more challenging.

Everlast® Epoxy Overnight (Fast Cure) Floor is the ideal solution for commercial kitchens that only have a small window of downtime and need a fast, durable floor that is resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures. The floor can be installed after the kitchen is closed for the evening and be ready for foot traffic the following morning in time for the breakfast shift.

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Fast flooring for hospitals

The closure of an operating room or emergency room in a medical facility could cost lives, so any downtime must be carefully planned and minimized. 

Our fast-cure epoxy flooring not only provides a speedy solution to time-critical flooring projects but, unlike other fast-curing floors, our unique formula emits no nasty odors, as it contains no solvents or harmful vapors.

Many new flooring installations require that patient rooms be evacuated for several days while the floor cures to avoid inhalation of unpleasant fumes, but with an Everlast® Epoxy floor, the room can be ready for occupation the next day. This is especially important during the ongoing pandemic, where patient care and the availability of hospital beds are at a premium.

Speedy flooring solutions for warehouses and factories

When deadlines must be met and your business’s reputation is on the line should you fail to meet them, a prolonged maintenance shutdown is not an option.

Our fast-cure epoxy flooring will allow your premises to be operational the day after the surface is installed, which keeps production moving and minimizes any downtime.

An ongoing time-saving benefit of our flooring is that our warehouse flooring is very easy to maintain. The waterproof surface ensures that dirt, oils, and liquids cannot penetrate into the layers and damage the substrate and can simply be wiped away with a squeegee. 

There is no need for any time-consuming buffing or polishing either, saving your janitorial team from an arduous task and freeing up their time for more productive tasks.

Fast-cure floor for correctional facilities

Overcrowding is a big issue for many prison facilities across the United States, and failed floors can mean that inmates will need to be rehoused while the floor in their living quarters is replaced.

This causes a logistical headache for the managers of correctional facilities and increases the stress levels of inmates in an already highly volatile environment.

Installing a fast-cure floor will ensure that the prison can return to its usual routine quickly, without the long curing times of many other epoxy flooring brands.

We also understand that any flooring used in a correctional facility must meet certain health and safety standards. Some flooring options, such as tiles, can be broken and removed to form makeshift weapons, but our pourable, trowelable fast-cure flooring forms part of the substrate and cannot be chipped or used to cause harm to others.

Fast-cure flooring for minimal downtime

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