How epoxy flooring for shopping malls can help to attract more customers

Shops and shopping malls all have different requirements when it comes to installing new or replacement flooring.

However, some considerations are similar, whether the flooring is for a clothing store, a pet store, or for the restroom areas within the mall: all flooring needs to be robust, safe for customers to walk on, and aesthetically attractive and eye-catching enough to entice customers through the door.

If you’re in the process of evaluating new flooring systems, consider Everlast® Epoxy flooring for your shopping mall. 

The deterioration of shopping mall floors

Many shopping malls across the United States rely on a concrete floor, which can be problematic and start to degrade with the heavy foot traffic and high demands placed upon the surface.

Not only do cracks and pitting in floors look unsightly but they also pose a trip hazard for your customers and staff, which could attract negative publicity and a costly lawsuit. 

And it’s not just the main concourse flooring that needs to be kept in pristine condition—there are restrooms, stairways, car parking areas, and fire escape floors to consider.

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Seamless, skid-resistant flooring solutions

The modern shopping mall contains much more than just a concourse of stores. They offer customers a full shopping experience, including food halls, restaurants, and bars.

As with any food and beverage outlet, spillages are unavoidable, so the flooring needs to be able to deal with any spillages without allowing damage to the substrate or posing a skid hazard to shoppers.

Everlast® Epoxy floors provide a continuous surface of waterproof flooring that is designed to make cleaning spillages fast and easy. The seamless nature of our floors means that liquids cannot penetrate through to the substrate and cause damage or unpleasant odors.

Our waterproof floors also have a textured finish, creating a slip-resistant surface that will help keep your customers safe. 

Fast, easy installation is the key to minimizing disruption

We understand that the window in which to install a replacement flooring system is incredibly tight in the retail sector. Any requirement that involves the closure of an entire mall will hit the owners, store holders, and food outlets hard in the pocket.

The installation of a fast-curing Everlast® Epoxy floor can considerably minimize downtime and disruption to your mall.

Our one-step epoxy flooring can be ready for foot traffic in just 6 hours, which means the flooring can be installed overnight so you can reopen the doors the following morning. 

We admit, there are faster-curing flooring solutions available, and we understand that they offer a tempting proposition. However, we believe that faster curing time does not allow for the resin to sufficiently bond with the substrate, which could cause a host of issues with peeling or lifting floors in the future.

Attracting customers starts from the floor up

A good-looking, well-maintained floor will entice customers to revisit your shopping mall time and time again. 

Our unique resin formula is created using only high-quality epoxies that can endure constant traffic, will not stain, and do not need scrubbing or buffing to look great.

An epoxy floor also opens up a world of aesthetic options, with a range of over fifty colors to choose from and the option to add customized logos and designs. So, if you’d like to clearly mark out a customer path around the mall, we can create different colored zones to guide the way. 

Speak to our professional flooring experts, who will be able to assist you with a unique flooring design that meets your requirements.

Choose Everlast® Epoxy flooring for shopping malls

If you need to replace a failed floor or are in the process of designing a brand-new shopping mall, consider epoxy flooring and learn how it will help you strike the perfect balance of proven performance, fast installation, and good-looking results to deliver an outstanding shopping environment.

With decades of experience in the supply and installation of retail flooring, our professional team is on hand to offer advice and can guide you from inception to completion of your epoxy floor for your shopping mall.

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