High-performance resin floors for police stations

Police stations are publicly funded buildings that serve local communities across the United States. Often the cornerstone of communities, municipal buildings that house police departments need to portray a positive image and be constructed from materials that are designed with durability, security, and style in mind.

With a variety of spaces throughout a police station, it can be a challenge to find a flooring surface that can cope with the very different demands of public areas, cells, bathrooms, and operations rooms.

To maintain a cohesive and aesthetic look across the whole facility, many police departments have chosen to install high-performance resin floors in their police stations—and here are a few reasons why.

Keeps critical areas operational

From operations rooms to holding cells, a police station is a fast-paced environment that cannot afford downtime. In these critical areas, it is important to choose a flooring solution that provides years of durable service.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring for police stations ensures that the system will last—even when it’s subjected to severe exposures. The secret to a long-lasting floor is to use the correct mix of high-quality resins and aggregates to create a thick yet flexible surface that is both waterproof and seamless. 

If you’ve experienced a failed floor in a critical area of a police station, you’ll understand that it creates a financial and logistical headache. 

Not only is a replacement floor costly, but prisoners in holding cells will need to be housed securely elsewhere while the jail floors are replaced. Operations rooms may have to close while the new flooring is installed, which could jeopardize time-sensitive investigations.

Our fast-cure epoxy resin floors are ideal for areas that cannot afford downtime, as they can be installed and cured in as little as six hours.

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Ideal for public areas where foot traffic is high

Police station lobbies are subjected to heavy foot traffic, especially in the areas with walk-up windows. 

Choosing a flooring system that offers excellent wear resistance is very important. A worn and dirty floor creates a bad impression in public areas of a police station, where maintaining a proud and positive image of the facility to visitors is key.

Many resinous floors contain fillers and solvents, which means that wear paths will begin to form after only a short time, making the area look tired and badly maintained.

Our epoxy floors are designed to be resistant to heavy foot traffic. We never dilute our product with fillers, so you’ll get a floor that withstands constant footfall and always makes a positive impression.

Safe flooring for holding cells

No other facility faces as many unique challenges as a police station with holding cells. Managing the welfare of inmates while protecting staff and visitors is a full-time job—but an epoxy floor can help keep everyone safe.

Our seamless, waterproof floors are trowelled on to form a vulcanized bond with the substrate. This means that, unlike a tiled floor where sharp tiles can be broken up and weaponized, our floors form a safe, unbreakable surface throughout the facility.

Cost-effective flooring

Police stations are publicly funded facilities, and taxpayers will want to know they are getting value for their money across all areas of the facility.

While the initial investment of a high-quality resin floor may be higher than a tile or rubber floor, the floor will offer many more years of reliable service in the long term.

There are also savings to be made in installation time, as our floors can be laid over most existing surfaces, so there is no need to spend time and money preparing the surface before installation.

Resin floors for police stations are the smart choice

Everlast® Epoxy floors provide a permanent solution for your police station flooring needs with minimal downtime and maximum durability.

We know choosing a flooring solution for something as crucial as a police station is a big decision—and we are sure you’ll have some questions. Our team of friendly flooring experts has helped police departments and correctional facilities across the United States choose the right option to meet their individual requirements.

Call (800) 708-9870 to discuss your police station flooring with our team, or request a free sample to see and feel the quality of our resin floor for police stations for yourself.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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