High-performance resin flooring for the aviation industry

The aviation industry demands a high-performance specialist flooring solution that can withstand the weight of military or commercial aircraft. Hangars are also dedicated places of work for aviation technicians, so maintaining safe working conditions is of the highest priority.

In an environment that is potentially hazardous, choosing a flooring system that can help protect workers yet still provides a surface that is durable enough to support aircraft maintenance, cleaning, and storage can prove challenging.

An epoxy floor is often the first choice for hangars and maintenance bays because it has the strength to support large vehicles without degrading or showing signs of damage. Read on to discover the advantages of resin flooring for the aviation industry.

Resistant to pitting, cracking, and even aircraft traffic

Our floors are designed to cope with the intense and demanding environment of a busy aircraft hangar. The unique resin-rich formula is troweled onto the existing surface to form a vulcanized bond with the substrate.

Some epoxy flooring manufacturers use solvents or fillers to dilute their product, which reduces the floor’s ability to cope with heavy traffic and causes pitting and cracking.

A broken or uneven flooring surface can have safety implications for staff, and a workplace accident due to a failed floor can have costly implications on your budget and reputation.

Our floors have an incredibly high tolerance to traffic—even in areas where aircraft may be standing in the same place for long periods of time while maintenance takes place.

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Chemical-resistant hangar flooring

Corrosive aviation fluids and oils are commonplace substances in an aircraft hangar and can all have a detrimental effect on flooring. 

From harsh detergents to acids and alkalis, Everlast® Epoxy flooring is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

We say this with confidence because the testing process our floors undergo is stringent and includes submersion in chemicals for a full week (unlike many of our competitors who only test chemical resistance for 24 hours).

After seven days of exposure, our flooring showed no signs of degradation, even when immersed in hydraulic fluid, motor oils, and many other chemicals.

Safe flooring for the aviation industry

Thanks to a coarse textured finish, Everlast® Epoxy flooring provides a safer environment for your workforce to operate in.

The texture is due to the use of marble chips, which result in a ribbed but nonabrasive surface that reduces the risk of slips and falls in the otherwise hazardous environment of an aircraft hanger.

Even in areas where the floor is frequently wet, such as a cleaning bay or where spillages of fluids or chemicals are a possibility, we provide an optional nonslip additive that our clients can use to provide an extra layer of protection under wet conditions.

Our flooring system is pourable, which means there are no gaps or joints in the surface where water could seep into the layers and cause bubbles or lifts, which further reduces the risk of a fall from an uneven surface.

With a range of colors and designs available, our installers can also create demarcation lines or zoned areas to alert workers to hazards or no-go areas when aircraft are on the move.

Light, bright, reflective flooring

Installing a light-reflective floor helps to create a more inviting work environment for your staff and reduces the need for artificial lighting, which is better for both the planet and the amount you spend on energy bills!

Benefit from our aviation flooring experience

The aviation industry has unique requirements, and we have the expertise to install a flooring system that will remain in excellent condition for decades even while coping with all the demands of a busy aircraft hangar.

To see our resin flooring and how it might work for the aviation industry, order a free commercial sample and view the quality up close. 

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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