Flooring Sanitation and Pests

Managing a kind of commercial facility is a difficult job and insects can make that job even tougher. Insect and pest infestations can impact a working environment in a variety of negative ways. These tiny vermin can spread disease and even cause a facility to shut down.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research, along with pest control experts Rentokil North America, published a study that found that US businesses incurred an increase of $6.8 billion in their operating costs due to pest infestation on business premises. This resulted in a $13.2 billion loss of revenue, reported for 2014. Insect and pest infestations are vastly detrimental from a financial standpoint and are equally damaging to morale.

Infestation Prevention

Once an infestation has begun, it can be extremely difficult to wipe out and even more expensive to fully eradicate. For large scale facilities, like schools, laboratories, and hospitals, prevention is the key to stopping infestations before they even start, and that prevention begins with the right kind of flooring.

Everlast Epoxy Solutions manufactures thick epoxy proprietary flooring perfect for these kinds of high-traffic, commercial spaces. Everlast Epoxy Floor is a seamless, marble-chip and quartz epoxy non-slip flooring that is durable and easy to clean, making it the best choice for cleanliness and the prevention of pests.

Flooring Sanitation

Pests are notorious opportunists. A tiny crack in the flooring or an unsatisfactory cleaning job is all it takes for an insect to create a home in your building. For example, take a hospital cafeteria that has an old tile floor which has cracks in a few places. Over time, food particles can get lodged in the cracks and old grouting. One day, a cafeteria worker spies a cockroach. By the time they are able to notify their supervisor and pest control, the infestation has flourished beneath floor and spread into other parts of the hospital. The hospital is now forced to shut down while intense pest removal combats the problem, calling attention to its lax sanitization standards and hurting its reputation within the community.

These sorts of situations can be avoided if strong, proper flooring is installed in the first place. Everlast Floor is epoxy based and uses a mix of thick resins, all that include EPA registered antimicrobial additives. The flooring’s seamless design provides a continuous base, free of cracks, and is also non-porous, preventing any harboring of food and debris. Everlast Floor can also work around existing hardware like pipes and drains. Wrapping around seams creating an airtight effect to keep bugs out. Most importantly, these features mean that Everlast Floor is especially easy to clean. Sanitization is the best way to prevent infestations long term.


Gaps and cracks in flooring are an open invitation for insects and pests into your building. Once inside, keeping the infestation from spreading is close to impossible. Everlast Flooring is completely seamless and non-porous, providing no room for bugs to get in or hide. It is nearly impossible for pest-friendly bacteria to thrive and it’s easy to clean, further preventing any food, spills, or debris from attracting pests. The first step to prevention is a strong floor. Keep bugs out of your facility for good by installing Everlast Epoxy Flooring.


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